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Cover of Spring - Summer 2003 Issue


LCVSA Gala Raises Over $55,000

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dowdy and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III.
From left: Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dowdy and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network were major sponsors of the event. Candy is also an alumna, class of 1969.
Granted, there is a lot to talk about. When the gala committee, chaired by Julie Kline Dixon, set the theme of Love Is In the Air they knew what they were talking about. From the sparkling new galleries to the new passenger elevator, people absolutely loved the newly renovated LCVA so much so that the event profited more than $55,000 in support of educational programming through sponsorships and art-auction purchases. More than 400 people festively dressed in formal attire bid on 123 works of art by artists across the country.

Here are just a few of the comments we received:

"We are proud to be among the sponsors of the LCVA Art Auction and Gala. We believe that our community is extremely fortunate, both culturally and aesthetically, to have the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts on Main Street, and are pleased to be able to help with this endeavor."

GALA SPONSOR, Bradley L. Watson of the Farmville Office of Davenport & Company

Mr. and Mrs. William Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller of Richmond, Virginia. Harriet Butterworth Miller 51 is the Chairman of the LCVA Advisory Board.
"Serving as a volunteer for the LCVA is a refreshing reminder of the unlimited talent surrounding us," said Pat Hicks, reflecting fondly on her experience as a committee member. She added, "in an age of progressive technology, where more budget cuts exist in arts programs, LCVA provides a powerhouse of tools that can help creativity transcend time itself. Supporting the Center can give dreams the wings to fly. The Gala was a grand way to celebrate the renovations of the LCVA and spark interest and support for this vital cultural, artistic arm of our community."

VOLUNTEER, Pat Hicks of Farmville

"What could be better than socializing with friends old and new and, at the same time purchase a work of art from artists near and far with the proceeds benefiting the Center? This is such an exciting time for the LCVA."

LONGWOOD ALUMNA, Lorrie Cundiff Watson ’95

Drs. Raymond and Patricia Cormier and Dr. and Mrs. John Peale of Palmyra.
Drs. Raymond and Patricia Cormier and Dr. and Mrs. John Peale of Palmyra, Virginia. Dr. Lydia Peale is a member of the LCVA Advisory Board and a board member of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.
"I thought the gala was just magical. Everyone dressed in formal attire and the Center looked wonderful. I enjoyed looking at and bidding on all the artwork. I was lucky enough to come home with two pieces. It truly was a lovely event. I had such a wonderful time that I would love to do this two or three times a year."

LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY STAFF, Margaret Lindsay, Assistant Internal Auditor

Dr. Stanley Cheyne, Mr. Harlan Horton and Mr. Kerr C. Ramsey III.
Dr. Stanley Cheyne, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Hampden-Sydney College, Mr. Harlan Horton, Esq. associate at Durrette Bradshaw PLC, and Mr. Kerr C. Ramsey III, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Hampden-Sydney College, show off their interpretation of "creative black-tie.
"What an extraordinary evening: art-lovers of all bents donning formal attire and stepping into the glittering LCVA gallery to sip champagne, sample hors d'oeuvres, and jot in bids at the silent auction. Could it get any better than this? Well, yes it could - guests might also have come away from the bidding at the live auction with a stunning painting, as we did. The gala provided the perfect setting to join with friends to support the arts in Farmville."

COMMUNITY RESIDENT, Lorraine Bortz, wife of Hampden-Sydney College President, Dr. Walter Bortz.

We are also pleased to note that the promotional materials designed by David Whaley, Director of Publications and Visual Arts, and composed by K.