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Chi walks - Past & Present

Chi walks past and present - One hundred alumni, representing 41 class years, participated in an Alumni Chi Walk in October, Over 400 hundred students attended the walk.


Chi Turns 100

Alumni, representing nine decades, returned to campus Oktoberfest weekend, October 6 & 7, to observe the 100th anniversary of Chi. Founded on October 15, 1900, Chi promotes and maintains the spirit of Longwood. Throughout the past century, Chi has had a continuing presence at Longwood. The members have changed each year and the ways the organization has met the needs of the students as the student body and society have changed. But the underlying purpose of Chi to promote and maintain the spirit of Longwood has remained the same.

One hundred alumni, representing 41 class years, participated in an Alumni Chi Walk on Lancaster Mall. Over 400 hundred students attended the walk. At the conclusion of the walk, each alumni Chi member gave their Chi bibs to a current student to symbolize that Chi is within each person.

Eighty-three attended the Chi Anniversary Luncheon on Saturday. Virginia Graves Krebs, Class of 1927, was the representative from the earliest class.
During the luncheon, Lindo Gharib, '95, presented to Dr. Cormier the first installment toward the Chi Project,

the organization's anniversary gift to the College. The project will be a special architectural feature on Brock Commons. Gharib also announced the organization's plan to sponsor symposiums during the current academic year for the student body. These symposiums will feature outstanding members who have excelled in their chosen careers.

Cookie Howell, '72, presented the history of Chi and Whitney Light, '98, read a letter from the current members.

Since the early 1970's, Chi's symbol has been a stylized Rotunda with four columns. The first column represents LOYALTY ­ loyalty to Longwood ­ the student body ­ and the organization. The second column represents CHARACTER ­ "The measure of man's character is what he would do if he never be found out." The third column is symbolic of RESPECT ­ the most essential part of Chi.




The fourth column stands for CHALLENGE ­ for "nothing is impossible to the willing heart." The horizontal bar represents RESPONSIBILITY. The triangle represents Chi's purpose ­ to promote and maintain a spirit of cooperation among students in every phase of college life. It is Chi's aim to foster respect for Longwood and loyalty to its academic programs and extra-curricular activities. The last and most important part of the symbol is the dome, which symbolizes the ties that bind each of us together to represent one ­ the student body.

Chi is not the individuals chosen ­ but rather a spirit that can be found in the hearts and minds of those who seek its real purpose.

Longwood College Alzheimer's Walk Raises $3,700

This year's Alzheimer's Walk, which involves student organizations and individual students, raised $3,700 for the Alzheimer's Association.

The annual "Memory Walk," coordinated by Phyllis Mable, vice president for student affairs, officially kicks off Oktoberfest. Participants, who include members of the community, walk about a mile on campus the Thursday or Friday before Oktoberfest, then are treated to ice cream sundaes provided by ARAMARK. This was the fourth consecutive year that Longwood has sponsored the event.

"Longwood students who joined the Alzheimer's Walk were inspired by the spirit of 'go-giving,'" Ms. Mable says. "They cared enough about charity to invest their time and make real contributions to a humanitarian cause. They are citizen-leaders working for the common good of society."

Sprint and local nursing homes were especially generous in supporting the Alzheimer's Walk, Ms. Mable says. These walks are the largest fund-raising event for the disease, which is expected to affect nearly 14 million Americans by the middle of this century. The Alzheimer's Association provides support and assistance to Alzheimer families and caregivers and has invested more than $82 million in research since 1980.



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