"Republicans and Democrats in Washington agree on an awful lot behind closed doors. Politicians and policymakers are conditioned to emphasize the negative rather than the areas of agreement.”

Dr. Diane Lim principal economist, The Conference Board, Vice Presidential Debate speaker series, October 2016


"We’re losing species every day. Most of that stems from us. It’s usually the unconscious product of our activities.”

Dr. Kal Ivanov assistant curator of invertebrate zoology, Virginia Museum of Natural History, biology class guest presentation, October 2016


"Jazz is all about improvisation. Nobody is telling you what to do.”

Robert Jospé band leader and drummer with Inner Rhythm, Vice Presidential Debate speaker series, November 2016


"You cannot change policy unless you change people. Changing policy is one thing; changing people is another.”

Roland Martin award-winning journalist and author, Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium, January 2017


"Success for entrepreneurs is easy. Sustaining it is the hard part.”

Tom DeWitt ’80 president and CEO of SNVC, College of Business and Economics Alum-Net Workshop, February 2017


Ulysses Grant was an incurable optimist who always expected everything to turn out all right, always expected to succeed, even after he had just failed.”

William C. “Jack” Davis historian and author, 18th Annual Civil War Seminar, February 2017

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