Capable Ways

by Dr. Craig Challender, professor of English

This is the fourth full-length collection of poems by Challender. These poems are about memory and mortality,” said Challender, who has taught creative writing and American literature at Longwood since 1983. Challender, who started writing poetry in graduate school, also is the author of As Details Become
Available (nominated in the poetry section for the State Library of Virginia literary awards), Dancing on Water and Familiar Things. Published by Scurfpea Publishing, softcover, 66 pages.

The Early Reader in Children’s Literature and Culture: Theorizing Books for Beginning Readers

edited by Dr. Jennifer Miskec, associate professor of children’s and young adult literature, and Annette Wannamaker

This collection of scholarly essays, written from various perspectives, seeks to fill in the gaps in the overlooked study of early readers, books written for children who are just beginning to read independently. “Early reader books are often thought to be tools to get kids to read, but the writing is better than many people think,” said Miskec, who contributed one of the book’s chapters in addition to serving as coeditor. “More and more authors are taking them seriously and getting creative. These books are simple but not simplistic.” Miskec served for six years as secretary of the Children’s Literature Association; Wannamaker, who teaches at Eastern Michigan University, is the association’s immediate past president. Published by Routledge, hardcover, 246 pages.

STEM Research for Students (Volume 1): Understanding Scientific Experimentation, Engineering Design, and Mathematical Relationships

by Dr. Virginia Vimpeny Lewis ’92, associate professor of mathematics education; Dr. Paula Klonowski Leach, director of Longwood’s Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices; Julia Cothron; Ronald Giese; and Richard Rezba

The book features active science investigations used to teach middle-school students how to effectively conduct research in STEM fields. Connections are made to mathematics through the analysis and interpretation of data as well as through STEM Perspectives at the end of each chapter. These perspectives provide many suggestions for extending chapter content even further using science, technology and engineering, or mathematics. The book is correlated to the Common Core standards for mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards. Published by Kendall Hunt, softcover, 279 pages.

The Multimedia Writing Toolkit: Helping Students Incorporate Graphics and Videos for Authentic Purposes, Grades 3-8

by Dr. Sean Ruday, associate professor of English education

Ruday’s sixth book on literacy instruction gives teachers “specific tools and resources on using technology in purposeful and strategic ways to enhance their students’ writing,” he said. “Topics include how students can use infographics to express important ideas and how they can create websites to reach authentic audiences.” Ruday, a former middle-school teacher, is founding editor of the Journal of Literacy Innovation and co-president of the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar.

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