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Bulk Mailing

Standard Non Profit Bulk Mailing Requirements

  • Must have Longwood University's Permit #17 imprint in the upper right corner of each piece.
  • Minimum of 200 pieces
  • Must be bundled in zip order by directs (all 5 digits the same), SCF( first 3 digits the same), State ( all for the same state), or Mixed States (all for different states).
  • Must be placed in USPS trays with covers and labeled for destination.
  • Stickers ( 5, 3, A, or MS), must be placed on the top of each bundle.
  • Bundles should be no thicker than 2-3" and secured by two rubber bands.
  • A Mail Charge Slip must accompany each bulk mailing and contain the following:
    • Department of mailing
    • Budget Code to be charged
    • Total number of pieces in mailing
    • Total number of trays
  • Mail Services will pickup, dispatch, and complete USPS forms for University bulk mailings.
    It is the department's responsibility to prepare the bulk mailings, order needed supplies, and notify Mail Services in advance for a scheduled pickup.
  • Call Mail Services 434-395-2116/2117 for instructions or additional information.

Bulk Mailing Tips

  • Common address problems are spacing, misspelling, no numerical street addresses, and use of improper zips.
  • Rural Routes in most areas have been replaced by 911 addresses. Please be sure your address information is current.
  • Only official postal abbreviations should be used in the addresses.
  • When typing numbers, use numbers, not letters of the alphabet. Example: Letter O vs. Number 0 or Letter l vs. Number 1.
  • Small towns that do not have home delivery must have a P.O. Box.
  • If you have a bad address, you may have to choose between mailing First Class (with Address Service Requested endorsement) or delete the address from your files. A phone call may be quicker and less expensive.
  • If your are mailing mainly to a university, college, school, or any institution that does not have a numerical street address, you may want to consider First Class mail and not Bulk Mail.
  • Unverified addresses cannot be mailed bulk rate. If you choose to mail to these addresses, you must mail First Class.
  • If your mail pieces have a Bulk Mail Permit imprint, you must cover the imprint before mailing First Class.