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VISA Log Sheets

Instructions for Completing VISA Log Sheet

  • Date - The transaction date of your purchase
  • Vendor - Vendor's complete name
  • Description - Include a brief description of the item you purchased
  • Banner Account Code - Use the specific four digit code (codes ending in '0' are not acceptable) - Account Codes (pdf)
  • Price - Total price of item
  • Order Placed in eVA?  Indicate whether or not the order was placed in eVA ('Yes' or 'No')
  • eVA Reference Number - Provide the Purchasing Card Order (PCO#) or the Direct Order (DO#)
  • Picked Up Order - Over the counter charge card purchases that are made at the site of the sale and picked up by the individual cardholder. ('Yes' or 'No')
  • eVA Exclusion Number - If the order was NOT placed in eVA, you must reference an exclusion number (#1- #28) - eVA Exclusions List (pdf)
  • Mandatory Contract Release Obtained - Indicate whether or not ('Yes' or 'No') a release was obtained from the Materiel Management office if you make a purchase that does not utilize a mandatory state contract, when one is available.  Mandatory sources include, Virginia Correctional Enterprises (for the purchase of furniture, name plates, embroidery, etc) and Office of Graphic Communications (for printing of posters, brochures, and other printing requirements that cannot be fulfilled by our in-house Printing Services).
  • DMBE-Certified SWaM Business Codes - If you purchased from a certified SWaM vendor, indicate 'yes'.  If not, you must select a code, as listed below and on the log sheet, to justify why you did not use a SWaM vendor.
    Here is a brief explanation of the options available in the "DMBE-Certified SWaM Business Codes" column:
    • SWaM Price Not Fair & Reasonable (PNR) - A fair and reasonable price includes making sure the price is consistent with prices you have previously paid from other vendors for the same or similar item.  The general rule in determining a fair and reasonable price is 10% difference in price from a SWaM vendor versus a non-SWaM.
    • SWaM Vendor Not Available (VNA) - This option must be selected when you go to DMBE's website to search for a SWaM vendor and the search comes back indicating that no records were found.  You MUST print this screen to use as your justification for not soliciting a SWaM vendor.
    • Exempt From SWaM Set-Aside (ESS) - The set-aside requirements are not applicable if the procurement is exempt from competitive requirements referenced in APSPM section 1.5 b, c, d and e. All eVA exclusions are exempt EXCEPT exclusion #17 (over-the-counter purchases).  Exemptions also include the use of mandatory sources such as VIB, VCE, VDC, etc., as well as existing mandatory contracts, optional use contracts, or Longwood contracts.
    • Emergency Procurement (EP) - Use this option when a situation arises which creates a threat to public health, welfare, safety, and/or property; shall be approved by Materiel Management.
  • Insurance-Vendor Certified They Have Proper Insurance - You must verify with a contractor (for services only) that they have liability insurance.  This must be verified before the contractor begins working. Verbal verification is sufficient.