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2010 Contest

2010 Contest in Modeling (2/18-2/22)

On February 18 through February 22, 2010, three teams of Longwood University students competed in the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) annual contest in mathematical and interdisciplinary modeling (the MCM/ICM). This was the fifth year LU has competed in this difficult international contest and was our first time to field three teams!

Please congratulate our Mathletes!

Team Alpha - Successful Participant

Problem A

  • Jeff Anway, Freshman, Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major
  • Benjamin C. Ryan, Junior, Physics/Pre-Engineering Major
  • Sam Wiles, Freshman, Computer Science Major

Team Pi - Meritorious (Top 20%)

Problem B

  • Yuri Calustro, Senior, Mathematics Major and Economics Minor
  • Daniel Honey, Senior, Computer Science Major
  • Nikole Varhegyi, Junior, Mathematics Major with a Computer Science Minor

Team Sigma - Successful Participant

Problem B

  • Roger Hopkins, Senior, Computer Science Major
  • Chris Thatcher, Freshman, Mathematics Major
  • Ashley Wilson, Junior, Mathematics Major with a Secondary Endorsement


  • Dr. M. Leigh Lunsford
  • Dr. Phillip Poplin

Special Thanks

  • Contributors (from the LU Mathematics and Computer Science Department and some college Deans) to the COMAP Feeding Fund (including the wings and fries from Wing Shak donated by Dr. Graham)!
  • The LU Psychology Department for use of their lounge - for the fifth year in a row!
  • The LU Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Studies Department for the use of their lounge and the nice welcome sign they made for Team Sigma!
  • The LU Library for use of THREE rolling whiteboards and for supporting us every year!
  • The LU IT folks for getting the teams weekend access to Ruffner and the computer lab in Ruffner! Thanks IT - we know you don't hear that too often!
  • Our department chair, Dr. Bill Abrams, and Secretary, Gail Moss, for finding and fixing last minute logistical problems!

Virginia Schools

Institution Location Advisor Problem Chosen Final Designation
Longwood University Farmville M. Leigh Lunsford A Meritorious
Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney Marcus H Pendergrass B Meritorious
Virginia Tech Blacksburg John F Rossi B Meritorious
Virginia Tech Blacksburg John F Rossi B Honorable Mention
Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney Marcus H Pendergrass A Honorable Mention
Virginia Western Community College Roanoke Ruth Sherman A Successful Participant
Longwood University Farmville M. Leigh Lunsford B Successful Participant
Longwood University Farmville Phillip L Poplin B Successful Participant
Virginia Tech Blacksburg Henning S Mortveit A Successful Participant
College of William and Mary Williamsburg Junping Shi B Successful Participant
Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney Paul F Hemler A Successful Participant
Virginia Western Community College Roanoke Steve T Hammer A Successful Participant
University of Virginia Charlottesville Blaine Edgar Norum B Successful Participant
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The Teams had fun solving problems about serial killers and baseball bats. Good food was had and interestingly enough, Team Sigma, which worked on the criminology program, was housed in the lounge of the Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Studies Department.


Overall Results

A total of 2254 teams participated in the 2010 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). Each team had to chose one of two problems (Problem A or B) which they attempted to solve during the third weekend of February. Teams from all over the world competed in this contest.

This year, COMAP designated:

  • the top 1/2% of all papers as Outstanding Winner
  • the next 1/2% as Finalists
  • the next 19% as Meritorious Winner
  • the next 24% as Honorable Mention
  • the next 55% as Successful Participant
  • and finally the bottom 1% as Unsuccessful Participant

All of the competing teams are to be congratulated for their excellent work and enthusiasm for scientific and mathematical modeling and interdisciplinary problem solving.

Classification Number (Percent)
Total Number of Participating Teams 2254
High School Teams 15 (1%)
United States Teams 358  (16%)
Foreign Teams from Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Germany,  Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom 1890 (84%)
Outstanding Winners 9 (1/2%)
Finalists 12 (1/2%)
Meritorious Winners 431 (19%)
Honorable Mentions 542 (24%)
Successful Participants 1245 (55%)
Unsuccessful Participants 15 (1%)