2014 Schedule of Papers & Events



The Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Longwood Vice-President/Provost
Department of English and Modern Languages
Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy
Longwood Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau
Longwood History Club

General Schedule

(Specific speakers & panels are below the general schedule. Both the Friday and Saturday sessions will be in Chichester Hall Room G50, while registration will be set up in the rear lobby of Chichester Hall (Building #15 on the campus map).

Friday, 28 March

Noon—5 pm: Registration (Chichester G50)
2:00—3:20pm: Session #1
3:20—3;30pm: Break / Refreshments
3:30—5:00pm: Session #2
6:00—7:00pm: Reception (Dorrill Hall-Tea Room)
7:00—8:00pm: Banquet (Dorril Hall-Nance Room)
8:00—9:00pm: First Plenary Address
(Dorrill Hall-Lewis Room)

Saturday, 29 March

8:30—11:15am: Continental Breakfast (Prince Edward)
9:00—10:30am: Session #3
10:35—12:00pm: Session #4
Noon—2:00pm: Lunch
2:00—3:00pm: Second Plenary Address
3:00—3:15pm: Afternoon Break
3:30—5:00pm: Session #5
7:00–7:45pm: Medieval Drama: Second Shepherd's Play

Sessions and Speakers

Friday, 28 March

SESSION #1:  2:00—3:20pm
Mirror of Princes
Chair: Dr. Ana Grinberg, East Tennessee State University
  • “"He loved chivalrie': Flawed Knighthood and Kingship in the Knight's Tale
    Leta Bressin, Longwood University

  • “Humanizing the Speculum Principum: Ciceronian Friendship in Erasmus’ Education of a Christian Prince
    Dillon David Crockett, UNC–Chapel Hill

  • Of Burning Books and Souls: Servants, Magic and Crisis in The Tempest and Dr. Faustus
    Miranda Friel, Methodist University
SESSION #2:  3:30—5:00pm
Crises of Legal Authority
Chair: Dr. Larissa Tracy, Longwood University
  • “An Impetus for Change: From Accusatio to Inquisitio
    Derek Ross Lynn, Radford University

  • “The Ulster Cycle and Pseudo-History in Early Irish Law”
     Courtney Selvage, Sweet Briar College

  • “Loki’s Fire: His Connections with sei∂r and ergi in Viking Age Society”
    Jamie Minton, Appalachian State University
RECEPTION 6:00–7:00
Free and open to the public—Dorrill Hall, Nance Room Foyer

BANQUET: 7:00–8:00
(By advance registration only) Dorrill Hall, Nance Room

FIRST PLENARY ADDRESS:  8:00—9:00pm, Lewis Room, Dorrill Hall

Dr. Mary Valante
Appalachian State University
“1014 in 2014: the Battle of Clontarf, the ‘Kings of the Foreigners,’ and the high kingship of Ireland”

Saturday, 29 March

SESSION #3:  9:00—10:30am
Female Sovereignty
Chair: Melissa Elmes, UNC–Greensboro

  • “Class and the Female: Women’s Struggles in Medieval Estates Hierarchy”
    Samantha Baker, Winthrop University

  • “Hags, Heroes, and Hymens: Analyzing Sexual Dynamics in Medieval Literature”
    Jonathan Winchester, North Carolina Wesleyan College

  • “Light and Dark: A Critique of Kingship in The Romance of Tristan
     Amanda Rupe, East Tennessee State University

SESSION 4:  10:35—12:00pm
Crises in the Mediterranean
Chair: Dr. Steven Isaac, Longwood University

  • “Examinations of the Jewish-Church Relationship, Through Disputation and Documents”
    Tyler Weiss, York College of Pennsylvania

  • “The Campaign to the Holy Land that Dethroned a Christian Emperor”
    Nickolas V. Martin, Belmont Abbey College

  • “Leprosy and Kingship: A Questionable Pairing in an Unstable Land”
     Tammy Martin, Belmont Abbey College


Dr. William Aird
University of Edinburgh
“‘The King's Ailing Body’: Illness, Disease, Old Age and the Frailties of Medieval Kingship”

SESSION 5:  3:30—5:00pm
Questionable Kingship
Chair: Charlene Eska, Virginia Tech University

  • “Omens, Miracles, and Divine Punishment as Expressions of Political Bias”
    Jennifer Ethridge, UNC–Greensboro

  • “Transfiguring Sovereignty”
    Andrew Barbour, UNC–Chapel Hill

  • “Tara and the Question of Irish High-Kingship”
    Jocelyn Folger, Appalachian State University

7:007:45pm: MEDIEVAL DRAMA

  • Performance of the Second Shepherd's Play
    Murray State University