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Bachelor of Music in Education


Application for Admission to the Teacher Preparation
- Immediately !

Apply to the program during your first semester at Longwood, so that you will be on the OPS radar and receive important information.  You will not be fully accepted until you meet all the requirements.  Music students must be admitted to teacher preparation before the end of fall semester of the junior year in order to complete the program in a timely manner.  

Application for Music Practicum Placement 
- October 1

Be sure to read the application form carefully and answer the questions accurately.  For Secondary (MUSC346), you must specify choral or instrumental.  For Elementary (MUSC345), it will be general.

Application for Student Teaching 
- One year prior to student-teaching placement

This application must be submitted at least one full year before the student-teaching semester.

All further materials must be completed and submitted by 
     December 1 for spring placement
     July 1 for fall placement

Other Requirements for Initial Field  Experience

This includes documentation of Automobile insurance, TB test and background check.  Required for your first field experience, and will remain on your record.