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Outstanding First Year Student Advocates

Educate. Engage. Enlighten.



First Year students are highly impacted by multiple people on Longwood's campus, and these students may not always have the opportunity to share their appreciation. The Office of First Year Experience & Family Programs established the Outstanding First Year Students Advocates Award to allow first year students to give recognition to faculty, staff, students or Aramark employees who have make an positive impact on their Longwood experience thus far. We encourage first year students to share their experiences no matter how small the interaction.


Advocate Selection

Each first year student will be asked to complete a brief survey where they will nominate one person who they believe is an outstanding advocate, and briefly describe the impact they've had. In late April, all the nominees will receive a letter and certificate of appreciation and will be publically recognized in The Rotunda, and have their names displayed on a plaque that will be hung in Lancaster Hall.


Previous Recipients of the Outstanding First Year Student Advocate Award

2009-2010 Recipients!

2012-2011 Recipients!

2011-2012 Recipients!


The Fourth Annual class of Outstanding First Year Student Advocates 2013!

Faculty & Staff Recipients:

  • Eric Fehr
  • Dr. Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez
  • Dr. Chene R. Heady
  • Dr. Mary Carver
  • Dr. Michael Mucedola
  • Dr. Leah Shilling-Traina
  • Dr. Thomas Wears
  • Dr. Jennifer Apperson
  • Professor Jonathan Page
  • Dr. Randy Boyle
  • Rebecca Sturgill
  • Dr. Robert Marmorstein
  • Sharon Emerson-Stonell
  • Virginia Beard
  • Crissy Sampier
  • Roxanne Martin

Student Recipients:

  • Amanda Coker
  • Anna M. West
  • Ben Thoreson
  • Emily Anne Stern
  • Haley Kimball
  • Helen Amos
  • Logan Appleby
  • Sydney Kilian
  • Victoria Walker
  • Paryce Bradlly

Peer Mentor Recipients:

  • Elizabeth Alvey
  • Hannah Watson
  • Kelsey Paulus
  • Lamar Barnett
  • Nick Carrara
  • Suzy Deeds
  • Theresa Vece
  • Troy Reeves
  • Tori Gordon

Resident Assistant Recipients:

  • Constance Garner
  • Delonte Harrison
  • Jesse Schrader
  • Kayla Stover
  • Mariah Johnson
  • Tyler A. Cepeda

Advocate Surveys

In the Spring of 2015, we will begin taking nominations for the Sixth Annual Class of Outstanding First Year Student Advocates for 2015. These individuals will be recognized for their impact on students of the Class of 2018!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Outstanding First Year Student Advocates Award nomination and delivery process! Your support and cooperation is truly appreciated.

If you have any questions or comments about the OFYSA award, please contact the Office of First Year Experience & Family Programs at firstyear@longwood.edu.

Thank you!