A black 7 with a crown on top, the symbol of Princeps (prin·keps)
A black 7 with a crown on top, the symbol of Princeps (prin·keps)


Welcome to Longwood University! We wanted to introduce ourselves and our mission as well as welcome you to our campus community.

Princeps is an honorary organization whose primary purpose is promoting leadership in Longwood students and the College Community.  Princeps recognizes that leadership is an essential part in the development of civility, and through leadership, individuals can effectively develop skills that will enhance the progress of civilization.

The members of Princeps are students who demonstrate leadership skills through their involvement in those co-curricular activities, which promote the best interests of Longwood University.  Students who exemplify extraordinary involvement as well as academics are recognized by Princeps in a personal manner, rather than publicly.

The symbol of Princeps is a crown with seven points and the number seven, which symbolizes the seven key principles of leadership.  Black crowns can be seen painted on various sidewalks throughout campus.

Princeps continues to recognize those members of the Longwood community who strive for excellence and leadership. Individuals are thanked for their endeavors by receiving a symbolic crown or an appreciation letter. The senior members of Princeps identify themselves upon their graduation.

Be sure to step on the crowns for good luck today and every day! You can always learn more about Princeps by asking your Peer Mentor, your fellow Lancers or visiting our page

 To lead is to serve.