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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes, cropped

Graduates of the BSN program will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge from the arts, sciences and humanities into professional nursing practice.
  • Deliver high quality, patient-centered, technologically proficient care to individuals, families, groups and communities in varied settings.
  • Incorporate professional values and standards into compassionate nursing practice.
  • Act as effective advocates for consumers of health care and the profession of nursing, particularly in pursuit of the goals of equity, access and social justice in health care.
  • Function as effective members of the health care team demonstrating excellent interprofessional communication.
  • Demonstrate skills in point of care leadership, management and care coordination across settings and with varied multicultural populations.
  • Participate in point of care quality and safety initiatives using outcome data to expand the evidence base for professional practice.
  • Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.