Nursing school is a unique mixture of time spent in classrooms, labs and in clinical settings. To prepare our students entering the profession as a Registered Nurse, we use simulation, clinical hours and a 240 hour final internship. Many of our simulations use high fidelity manikins and some involve human participants. This allows our students to practice communication, patient care, and clinical skills in scenarios set up to reflect realistic situations. Simulation is used throughout the curriculum to replace or amplify real life experiences in a safe environment.

This week marked the first simulation experience for our current sophomore students (Class of 2020!). They will participate in two scenarios involving the same patient to touch on continuity of care. This is only the beginning of their time in the simulation lab, and we are all looking forward to ensuring it is educational, fun and empowering. Here are three sophomores and a brief description of the experience:

Before heading to my first simulation, I was nervous, excited, anxious and everything in between. I completed all of my assignments and felt prepared, but I had no idea what to expect. My anxiety was quickly eased as our professors walked us through the procedures and what we would be doing, but ramped back up as soon as we walked into the room with our patient. After a few minutes, I felt more confident and comfortable and allowed the knowledge that I had about caring for patients to shine through, and we completed the sim very successfully. After my first simulation, I felt relieved, but I also felt like I learned so much just interacting with our patient for 45 minutes. It allowed me to practice my basic nursing skills, use the nursing process effectively, and learn how to effectively communicate with my fellow nursing students and my patient. There will be a lot more simulations in my future, but I am extremely eager to complete them and continue to grow my nursing knowledge. 

Emma Carrol, pictured below with Jack Campbell and Natalie Harrington. All are Class of 2020!


For the first time, the Longwood University Nursing Program is taking part in the Day of Giving, a day that invites students, alumni, faculty/staff, the community and anyone in between to give a donation gift to Longwood to provide these experiences for our students. The department is asking you to visit on Tuesday, March 27th to make your contribution to our simulation lab. We will use the proceeds to purchase a Tele-Health device which allows our students to communicate with practitioners while they are in their scenarios.

All donations that exceed that cost will go towards a scholarship for one of the nursing students. Visig our Facebook page or Twitter for updates!