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Honor Code

Students in online courses at Longwood University are bound by the Longwood Honor Code.

  • Online students have the additional responsibilities of complying with online policies in general and course policies in particular.
  • The honor system requires that the student not only be responsible for his/her own behavior, but that he/she report any infraction of the Honor Code observed.
  • It is an Honor Code offense to lie, steal, cheat (including receiving unauthorized help in connection with class activities and other course requirements established by the instructor) or plagiarize.
  • All work so specified by the instructor should include the following pledge: "I have neither given nor received help on this work nor am I aware of any infraction of the Honor Code."  (signed)

Any person who has knowledge of a suspected violation of the Standards of Conduct should contact the Director of Honor & Judicial Programs with relevant details of the incident. The Director of Honor & Judicial Programs will make arrangements for the adjudication of the complaint. For details about Honor & Judicial Programs, policies and procedures, visit the Honor and Judicial Programs website.