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Student Health & Safety

Campus Safety

Longwood understands that as a parent or guardian, you want to ensure that your student is safe and protected at all times. We care about our students as much you do, that is why Longwood makes campus safety a first priority. Through effective safety features, a dedicated fully operational police department, a continuous awareness effort, and numerous safety and self-protection programs, Longwood University feels confident in providing your student with the safest collegiate atmosphere possible. Learn how Longwood plans to ensure this level of safety.

Cell Phone Alerts & Emergency Communication Center

Longwood makes every effort to increase security and safety on campus and to provide its students with the safest collegiate career possible. With the popularity and widespread use of cell phones and the fact that all students own or have access to a computer, Cell Phone and Email Alerts help to ensure that important alerts are delivered to all members of the campus community – inside or out. Longwood has voice and siren alerts throughout campus in order to broadcast audible safety sirens and live or recorded voice alerts to the campus community as quickly as possible during times of extreme circumstances such as a tornado or police emergency affecting campus. Visit the Crisis & Emergency Communication Center’s website for more information.


Longwood Police

Longwood Police

With a full staff of certified law enforcement officers, Longwood PD takes pride in keeping Longwood safe. The Longwood Police Department is properly trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise. There are 2 officers patrolling campus at all times of the day and year round. Officers enforce State and National laws as well Longwood University’s campus policies to make your student’s time at Longwood as safe as possible. Longwood PD has on staff: 15 law-enforcement officers, a full-time investigator, sergeant and Chief of Police. Officers are always willing to offer a helping hand to Longwood students and providing them with assistance and/or resources regardless of the matter. Longwood PD works closely with the Farmville Police Department and often the two departments assist each other in criminal matters, creating one cohesive unit dedicated to serving Longwood and the Farmville area. Visit the Longwood Police Department’s website for more information.


Student Health & Wellness

Longwood’s Student Health and Wellness Center offers both clinical and health education services. They treat acute problems such as bronchitis, ear infections, strep throat, flu, mono, urinary infections, sexually transmitted infections, headaches, allergy symptoms, skin rashes, colds, pinkeye, minor burns, depression, and anxiety. In addition, they also offer health education programming for the residence halls, organizations or individuals. Some topics include substance abuse, tobacco use/smoking cessation, eating disorders, sexual health, and stress management. Students may visit the center by appointment Monday through Friday. Visit the Student Health & Wellness Center’s website for more information.


Recreation Center

Recreation Center

Staying active and being physically fit is essential to positive health and wellness. Longwood understands this and has done its best to provide the Longwood community with a state of the art recreation center. Longwood’s Health & Fitness center, which opened in the fall of 2007, includes a two court gymnasium, 1/8th mile track, a multi-purpose gymnasium, two racquetball courts, a large fitness floor with weights, exercise equipment, a rock climbing wall, among other features. At the fitness center, various fitness programs and classes are offered throughout each semester to students at no cost or obligation. Visit Campus Recreation’s website for more information on Longwood’s recreational facilities and programs.

Counseling And Psychological Services

Located in the Student Health & Fitness Center, the Counseling Center offers professional counseling services by licensed counselors and psychologists. Services are covered by tuition costs and encouraged for any student who is undergoing unhealthy levels of stress or difficult times in their life. The purpose of the Longwood University's Counseling And Psychological Services is to provide confidential psychological services in order to help students achieve academic and personal goals. Counseling programs and services are offered to help students live more effective, responsible, and satisfying lives and to contribute to the learning that will enable them to be "citizen leaders who are prepared to make a positive contribution to the common good of society." Visit Counseling And Psychological Services' Website for more information.


Student Conduct & Integrity

J-Board – Longwood’s Judicial System

Longwood University’s judicial system is a student run organization that hears alleged violations of the Code of Conduct, and is commonly referred to as J-Board. Board members are students elected each year by the student body. Members of Longwood’s faculty advise the board but the student board members handle the majority of judicial decisions. The primary purpose of the Longwood University Judicial System is to promote responsible citizenship, appropriate behavior, and self-discipline through enforcement of the Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations. For more information regarding the operations and functions of J-board, visit the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity at Longwood.

Longwood’s Honor Code & Honor Board

The Honor Code is one of Longwood’s proudest traditions. Established by the student body in 1910, for nearly 100 years the student-elected Honor Board has protected the basic values of honor and academic integrity. The basic provisions of the Honor Code of Conduct, which strictly forbids lying, cheating, or stealing, represent the standards of integrity and moral responsibility that all students, groups, and organizations are expected to exemplify. Longwood’s Honor Board, a student run organization, enforces Longwood’s Honor code by hearing cases of alleged violations of lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarism. Board members are students elected each year by the student body. For more information regarding Longwood’s Honor Code or Honor Board, visit the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity at Longwood.