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The First Year Experience

Student Union and studentsYour son or daughter is going to be a first year college student. What an exciting time! It is a mix of preparation and anticipation, excitement and apprehension. Longwood welcomes you and your student to the Longwood community. We offer our support and resources to you and your student, as we want to ensure a smooth transition into college for all.


Longwood Traditions

Longwood was founded in 1839, making it over 150 years old. In that time a lot of things have came and gone, changed and changed again, except for a few long standing traditions that are dear to us. Organizations such as CHI and Princeps, both secretive honor societies, have been rooted in Longwood’s history and have helped make Longwood what it is today. In addition to these organizations, annual events such Spring Weekend, Oktoberfest, and Family Weekend have entertained alumni and current students alike. But wait there’s more! Above all, there has been one outstanding tradition that truly says "Longwood," and that is Community. Longwood is a close knit community that serves to encourage, support and strive for excellence, something that speaks louder than any secret organization or annual event. Learn more about Longwood and its traditions.


Resources for the First-Year Student

Tips To Starting the Semester Off Right

Offer these tips to your student, to ensure that they get started off on the right foot as they enter a new phase of their life. View the tips.

The Center For Academic Success

The Learning Center provides a range of services to meet diverse learning processes and an environment of sensitive and responsive support. Guided study groups, language practice sessions, writing consultation, and problem-solving groups are all available. Be sure to encourage your student to visit the learning center if they are struggling in any subject. Visit The Learning Center's website.


Resources for the First-Year Parent

Tips To Making the Transition (PowerPoint)

Making the transition to college life is a very challenging and demanding change to make in your student’s life. It is not easy for you to make either. Your student is on their own and it may leave a void in your home, but don’t let this get in the way of your student’s transition. View these tips (PowerPoint) on how to handle yourself during the transition phase.

What To Expect in The First Year of College (Word)

This monthly listing (Word Doc) of what situations and feelings your student will be going through will help you to know when to offer support and when not to.


Move-In Day

You and your student are both anticipating the big move and so is Longwood. We have allocated specific move-in dates and times that should be followed. We also provide help on move-in day in getting all of your student’s belongings up to their rooms. There are a few more things you need to know before moving in that will help the move-in process go smoothly. Find out more.

New Lancer Days

During these four days leading up to the start of the fall semester, all first-year students will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with their classmates, develop friendships with upper-class student leaders, learn about valuable resources available on campus, and explore a variety of issues that they will undoubtedly face during their time at Longwood. Visit the New Lancer Days website.