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Student Tips

Tips to Starting Off Right

to do list

These tips were suggested by graduating seniors when asked what they wish they had done their freshman year.

  • Attend Your Classes
    • Class starts at 8, be there at 7:55
    • Take good notes
  • Plan Out Your Schedule
    • Get a planner
    • Write down assignments, papers, test, and project dates
    • Write down meeting times
  • Be Ready Before School Starts
    • Preorder your books
    • Get a notebook for each class
  • Know Your Teachers
    • Get the syllabus before classes begin
    • Make note of their contact information and office hours
  • Be Ready for Class
    • Read your notes after each class or before the next class period
    • Read through assigned chapters and take some notes on them
    • Print off power point slides if available before class
  • Get Involved
    • Look at getting involved into one or two organizations that interest you
    • Don't get OVER INVOLVED
  • Where to study
    • The library has quiet study rooms (individual and group)
    • 24 Hour Study Lounge
    • The residence halls also have a study lounge located on various floors
  • Study tips
    • Read and re-read class notes
    • Flashcards and note cards help you quiz yourself
    • Study for tests and quizzes a couple of days before the test date
    • Don't try pulling "all-nighters" or "cramming" the night before tests
    • Group review sessions with some classmates
    • Get a tutor from the Academic Support Center
    • Ask your professors about resources available that will help you study
    • Review chapter notes and summaries
  • Be Active
    • Exercise
    • Campus Recreation
    • Participate in intramurals