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Move-In Day

Movers & Shakers assisting freshmen during move in Movers & Shakers are there to assist freshmen on move-in day

Preparing To Move

You and your student are both anticipating the big move and so is Longwood. There are few things to know before even arriving at Longwood that will ensure a smooth process.

  • Make sure your student has contacted their roommate(s)
  • Roommates should decide on who’s bringing what to help reduce clutter
  • Check the list of things to bring to help your student with packing
  • Check the list of things not to bring to ensure that your student won’t be in violation of any campus policies
  • Check your student’s move-in day and time
  • Do not come before your suggested move in date and time

For more information or answers to any questions you may have about the move in process, view the housing office’s frequently asked questions.

Checking In

Since we want to be fully prepared for your arrival, housing staff has allocated specific student move-in times and expectations. In an effort to reduce general move-in congestion and demand for elevators, students must move-in according to which floor he/she is assigned. Please be sure to check your student’s move-in day and time. If your student is involved with a university-sanctioned program (campus job, athletics, campus organization, etc.), please follow the check-in instructions provided by the program coordinator.

Making Move-In A Smooth Process

A special program, called Movers & Shakers, will bring nearly 100 student organization volunteers to campus in order to assist you and your student on move-day (This service only functions on new student move-in days). The program provides assistance in carrying your student’s belongings up to their rooms. The elevators are often highly congested so please try to keep boxes light to make it easier to carry upstairs. View more tips below:

Move In Tips