Parking Permit Ordering Process

It is now time to consider purchasing or reserving your parking decal!

We are now using a software system that will allow you to purchase your decal online by credit card. If you do not wish to pay online, you may reserve your decal and pay in person with cash or by check following the steps below. Please use this information as your guide. We recommend that you purchase your decal in advance to avoid lines and confusion during the first week of school.

Decal Sales will be open online in early July through the end of August for Fall and Full Year registrations.  Decal Sales open mid-December through January for Spring registrations.  After the online timeframes end, the system will close and all purchases will be made in person. You must retain your receipt or look at your permit to determine when it expires. 

How to Order/Reserve Your Parking Decal/Hangtag

You will need to use a computer that is connected to a printer as you will be required to print your receipt and two copies of your temporary parking permit.

Your decal reservation or purchase can only be found on the myLongwood site.

  1. Login to the myLongwood portal.
  2. Select the Student tab (Employees select the Employee tab).
  3. In the Student Shortcuts channel on the right, click the Campus Automobile Registration System link (Employees look for the Parking channel)
  4. Click on "Campus Automobile Registration System."
  5. Following a disclaimer page, you will enter the system where you can view your account, view your ticket history, appeal a ticket, or order/purchase a parking permit.
  6. Follow the directions on each page. Remember you will need to print two copies of your credit card transaction receipt, OR two copies of your temporary 7 day parking pass. If you are only reserving your permit, you will not have a receipt but must print two copies of the temporary parking pass. See below for more information.

If paying online by credit card:

Print two copies of your receipt. Keep one for your records. Bring the other copy of your receipt to the Parking Services Office in Graham Hall to receive your permit.  You will need to present a current DMV registration card. You must have your LONGWOOD ID CARD to obtain your permit! Once you have your decal, you must immediately affix it to your car.

If reserving a decal online and want to pay in person:

Print two copies of your temporary permit. You will place one copy of the parking pass in your car and bring the other copy to the Cashiering Office in Lancaster Hall. Cashiers will only accept cash or checks if you pay in person. Credit cards will not be accepted for in-person purchases. The Cashier will give you a receipt. Bring your parking pass and this receipt to the Parking Office in Graham Hall. If you have not had a car before or if this is a different car than what you have used in the past, you will need to present a current DMV registration card. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LONGWOOD ID CARD TO OBTAIN THE DECAL! Once you have your decal, you must promptly affix it to your car. Discard the temporary permit.

Notes to Remember:

  • You must order or reserve your permit using the online system.
  • Cashiers cannot assist you if you fail to present your temporary parking pass copy. They cannot access the system to recreate this for you. DO NOT enter the system more than one time.
  • Cashiers cannot accept credit cards for in-person purchases of decals. You must bring a check or cash if you do not pay online.
  • You MUST BRING YOUR LONGWOOD ID. Your ID will be scanned at the Parking Office.
  • Bring your DMV registration card.
  • Freshman students are not allowed to have a car. Exemptions to the policy are handled on a case by case basis by the Parking Manager.

Parking Regulations Are Enforced Year-Round

You will be expected to park in the correct decal zone. Commuting students will park in red commuter zones. Resident students will park in the lots designated for resident student use. Parking in faculty zones or in prohibited areas is not allowed even if classes are not in session.  We can be reached at;; or if assistance is needed.  Decals MUST be placed on vehicles the day they are received from the Parking Services Office.

Student Decal Sales

Decal Purchase Process (pdf)