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Leadership Studies

A Program for Longwood's Citizen-Leaders

The Leadership Studies Program is intended for students who want to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership.  This is an interdisciplinary minor that draws on different perspectives of leadership.  Students from any academic area are invited to participate in this educational experience.  Courses for this program are designed to inform students about the concepts, theories, and issues related to leadership. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.This minor seeks to help students:

  • Develop an understanding of leadership dynamics
  • Learn skills that can be used in the "real world"
  • Become leaders in their communities
  • Understand leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Apply leadership concepts in a variety of settings



Students are required to take the following courses/13 credit hours

  • LDST 120          Foundations of Leadership Studies/3 credits
  • LDST 220          Leadership and Service/3 credits
  • LDST 320          Leaders and Leadership/3 credits
  • POSC 394         Political Leadership/3 credits
  • LDST 420          Practicum in Leadership/1 credit

Six additional credit hours of electives chosen in consultation with an academic advisor.  See the current academic catalog for electives that can be applied to this 19-credit hour minor. 


Current Faculty teaching in the program include:

  • Dr. Scott Cole (Director of Leadership Studies)
  • Dr. William Harbour
  • President W. Taylor Reveley IV

Feel free to contact Dr. Cole for more information.

Additional Resources / Links


For course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog for the College of Arts & Sciences.