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Appendix C


Addendum (to Performance Management for Classified Employees, Formerly Classified Employees Salary Administration Plan) Relating to the Performance Management Process

  • Performance Management Process:
    • Salary Increases: No salary increases have been appropriated by the General Assembly for 2001 to date. If the General Assembly passes an increase later in the year, the University will award increases in a manner consistent with instructions from the General Assembly.
    • Evaluation Form: Institutional modifications to the standard state form are not substantive, but merely provide additional data fields to aid users in completing and accessing information on the form.
    • Optional Evaluation Factors: Attendance/punctuality, and safety have been added as additional performance factors.
    • Appraisal of the Employee: Supervisor's evaluation will be supplemented by an employee self-assessment. Three hundred sixty-degree (360) degree feedback will be implemented at a date yet to be identified, subsequent to the initial transition year for the instrument.
    • Appraisal of Team/Group: Longwood will not implement this aspect of the instrument.
    • Employee Feedback on Manager's Performance: The institution does not believe this to be a productive consideration. Supervisor's may engage in survey activities with employees in their units at their own volition and discretion, but not as a formal part of the Performance Management Process.
    • Interim Evaluations: Interim evaluations of both three (3) and six (6) months will be used following performance-related disciplines to augment the annual evaluation and provide a measuring tool for periodic progress. A six- (6) month interim evaluation will be used anytime a Classified employee changes roles. The Commonwealth's Interim Evaluation Form will be used for the initial year.