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Policy 5213

Employee Driving Privilege

I. Purpose

The University has a strong interest in ensuring that employees who drive Longwood owned or leased vehicles in the course of their jobs, do so responsibly, and act in accordance with established Commonwealth and Longwood procedures in reporting vehicle accidents. The University also has a strong interest in avoiding undue liability risks by curtailing driving privileges of employees whose driving conduct suggests they presently pose higher than normal risks.

II. Policy

The Campus Transportation Officer has responsibility to monitor, evaluate, and put into place procedures designed to manage risks associated with traffic accidents and moving violations. The Campus Transportation Officer further has the authority to recommend suspension or revocation of privileges to drive Longwood owned or leased vehicles to the Vice President for Administration and Finance). The President has the authority to suspend or revoke employee driving privileges pursuant to this policy.

III. Procedure

  1. Driver's Licenses:Employees must be presently licensed to drive a vehicle in the Commonwealth of Virginia before they may be issued a Longwood owned or leased vehicle. Proof of licensure must be presented to the Campus Transportation Officer.
    1. Notice of Suspension or Revocation of State Driving Privileges:Employees whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles must inform the Campus Transportation Officer of that action within twenty four (24) hours. Vehicles may not be issued to employees whose license is suspended or revoked.
    2. Special Vehicle Class Licenses: Certain Longwood vehicles, such as some buses and trucks, require special "class" licenses to operate. Employees without such special class licenses may not, under any circumstances, operate vehicles requiring them.
  2. Employee Traffic Citations Involving Moving Violations with Longwood Vehicles: Employees who receive moving traffic citations issued by a municipal, county or state law enforcement officer while operating a Longwood owned or leased vehicle must report the citation to the Longwood Transportation Officer and the employee's immediate supervisor within twenty four (24) hours.
    1. Disciplinary Action:Traffic citations are issued for violations of the State Motor Vehicle Code. Driving performance causing a traffic citation to be issued is substandard and dangerous to human life and property. Under normal circumstances, a progressive disciplinary approach will be issued the employee. If more than one active disciplinary action relating to traffic citations is present in the employee's personnel file, more punitive disciplinary action may be warranted. If a disciplinary action is issued and the employee's citation is later voided in traffic court, the discipline shall be voided as well. The Vice President for Administration and Finance has the authority to evaluate individual violations and use discretion in deciding what disciplinary action is appropriate under the circumstances.
    2. Suspension of Employee Driving Privileges: The Campus Transportation Officer shall make a recommendation to suspend privileges to drive a Longwood vehicle, if in the view of the Campus Transportation Officer, the violation suggests the employee's driving habits pose an undue risk for the institution. Examples might be reckless driving or driving in excess of ten (10) miles over a posted speed limit. Under normal circumstances, suspension of driving privileges may be lifted by attendance in and completion of a local, police-sponsored, remedial driving program.
  3. Employee Vehicle Accidents Involving Longwood Vehicles:Employees involved in vehicle accidents while operating Longwood vehicles must follow certain Commonwealth of Virginia procedures, such as calling the state police before moving the vehicle. (Note: A detailed description of the procedure is located in the glove box of each Longwood vehicle.) The Campus Transportation Officer must also be notified immediately.
    1. Disciplinary Action:The Commonwealth of Virginia has an accident committee which makes determinations on all state agency vehicle accidents. Among other things, the committee determines if the accident was "avoidable." The institution receives a copy of such a report when its vehicles are involved in accidents. The Transportation Officer will provide a copy of this report to the involved employee's immediate supervisor as well. If a determination has been made by the committee that the accidentwas avoidable, the driving performance of the employee involved will be consideredsubstandard and a disciplinary action appropriate to the circumstances will be issued bythe employee's immediate supervisor.
    2. Remedial Driver's Training: Under appropriate circumstances, the CAFO has the authority to direct an employee who has been disciplined for a driving offense to attend remedial driver's training as an alternative to suspension of driving privileges.
    3. Suspension or Revocation of Driving Privileges: The Campus Transportation Officer shall make a recommendation as to whether or not to suspend or revoke privileges to drive a Longwood vehicle if the accident is determined to be avoidable. If a suspension of driving privileges is issued by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the suspension will be lifted only after the employee completes a local, remedial, police-sponsored driving course. A revocation may be issued if circumstances like serious personal injuries or major property damage result, or if the conduct was particularly reckless or if the employee involved has other driving-related disciplinary actions in an active status. If a revocation of driving privileges relating to Longwood vehicles is issued, the specific requirements for restoration of the privilege will be provided for the employee affected. Single vehicle accidents involving minimal damage or especially mitigating
      circumstances may not warrant suspension of driving privileges.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.