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Policy 5232

Supplemental Earnings for Classified Employees

(Replaces Supplemental Employee Earnings Associated with College Work Outside the Scope of Normal Duties.)

I. Purpose

This policy establishes a pay practice for compensating Classified employees who undertake administrative support duties for faculty or administrators engaged in research or other grant-related work, when the work is not part of the Classified employee's normal duties.

II. Policy

Classified employees may receive additional earnings for approved grant and research support assignments if the work is outside their normal duties and performed outside their normal working hours.

III. Procedure

  1. Approval: Prior approval must be received from the employee's regular department head before undertaking the grant or research support assignment.
  2. Pay Considerations:
    1.  Rate Determination: The Human Resources Office will determine, prior to the assignment, if an adjustment to the employee's normal rate of pay is warranted for the additional work. An adjustment to the employee's hourly rate will be made only if the skills, knowledge and abilities required for the additional work are appreciably different from those required to perform the employee's normal duties. Grant writers should consult with the Human Resources Office when proposing budgets for administrative support positions.
    2. Non-Exempt Employee Overtime: When a non-exempt Classified employee works hours in addition to his or her normal forty (40) hour week for a single employer, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that all work performed in a given week be considered for overtime purposes. If the employee's additional work is being paid at a rate which is different from his or her normal rate, an adjusted overtime rate is determined by formula.
    3. Exempt Employee Compensation Options: When an exempt employee works hours in addition to his or her normal hours within a workweek for a single employee, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prescribes that the employee receive "straight time" or compensatory time for the additional hours worked. Under most, if not all circumstances, when research or other grants or research are involved, compensatory time is not a practical option, however.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.