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Policy 7206

Prohibition of Animals/Pets in University Owned or Managed Buildings

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a prohibition against keeping animals in any university managed, owned, or leased facilities.

II. Policy

Animals are prohibited in all university managed, owned, or leased facilities at all times.

  1. Exceptions:

    1. Service animals trained to perform in an assistive capacity for an individual with a disability; or
    2. Animals which are used as a teaching or research tools in the academic classroom and/or lab. They shall be maintained in cages in lab areas at all times except when being used in class or lab research.
    3. Non-carnivorous and non-poisonous fish in residential rooms as outlined in the Student Handbook.
    4. Animals may be allowed in faculty staff housing depending on the terms of the lease or housing agreement.
  2. Prior Approval: Prior Approval of the Chief of Police is required for exceptions listed in Section A.1 and A.2, of this policy.
  3. Sanctions: Situations involving a pet or animal in a university managed, owned, or leased buildings without the prior approval of the Chief of Police will result in immediate removal of the pet or animal. Any employee, student or faculty that violates this policy may be referred for appropriate disciplinary action.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Revised and reviewed by Cabinet, August 8, 2012.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 14, 2012.