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President Reveley’s message to students about Title IX and sexual misconduct

As we gear up for a new academic year, I wanted to be in touch with every student about an important subject that has been much in the news nationally of late, and very much on my mind as well.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault take place on every college campus, and unfortunately Longwood is no exception. Such behavior is fundamentally incompatible with our core community values. But the issue runs deeper even than that; it’s a matter of civil rights.

Read the full message


President Reveley's email to students - "Thank You for a Great First Year"

Dear students,

As exam week begins, I wanted to thank you all for helping make my first year as president a great one, and to offer encouragement for a strong and safe finish to the semester. The last month has been a busy and exhilarating season of banquets and traditions and long-awaited sunshine. Now, fortified by Late Night Breakfast, let's all dig deep for a final push before the celebration of Commencement.

Let’s also finish strong when it comes to reflecting the core Longwood values of citizen leadership.

You should be proud to be a part of an institution that holds itself to a higher standard – in our ideals of leadership, in being one of just a handful of universities with a student-run honor code, in our proud tradition of service that was on display at the Chi burning last week.

Ultimately Longwood’s values are the ones we exhibit in our everyday lives. Citizen leadership demands civility, respect, and decency. It means listening, and appreciating diversity, and valuing what we have to learn from one another. It means treating our fellow Lancers the way we would hope to be treated ourselves.

So when I say I’m proud of Longwood, I mean most particularly that I am proud of all of you – of all that you are accomplishing this week, and will accomplish in the coming years and in the coming decades.

Now, stop checking your e-mail and Twitter, and get back to studying . . .



President Reveley's email to students about 2014-15 tuition and mandatory fees

Dear students,
Across the country, there is one complaint we presidents hear more than any other: College is getting too expensive.
I couldn’t agree more. It isn’t fair you arrived at college during a perfect storm of factors that have driven tuition prices up and up. You are working more, borrowing more, and worrying more about the future than any previous generation of students.
With that in mind, I’m pleased to share some good news. Yesterday, Longwood’s Board of Visitors approved an increase in next year’s charges of 2.1 percent. That’s the smallest increase at any of Virginia’s 15 four-year public universities since 2001.
I realize any increase is difficult to swallow, but keep in mind that since 2001 the average annual cost increase at Virginia universities has been 7.3 percent. We know that can’t continue. To me, it is a moral imperative to keep college affordable.
Typically, Virginia universities announce their prices for the following year in May or June. But we felt that by doing so now would make planning easier for our students and families, and signal our commitment to keeping Longwood affordable.
We’ll also be simplifying the structure of the mandatory student fee portion of your Longwood bill. For a few students who’ve been on campus or living nearby but have been taking online classes, these fees may increase. But for the vast majority of you, they will go down.
The text of the press release the University will be posting later today is pasted in below.
Thanks, as always,


Longwood inaugurates W. Taylor Reveley IV as 26th president

The revolutionary power of residential liberal arts education and the critical role of citizen leaders in today’s society were among the topics that Longwood University’s 26th president, W. Taylor Reveley IV, touched on in his inaugural address Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. 


President Reveley featured on WHRV's "HearSay with Cathy Lewis"

President Reveley WHRV September 10, 2013 by longwoodu

President W. Taylor Reveley IV was a featured guest on WHRV's "HearSay with Cathy Lewis" on September 10, 2013. Among other topics, Lewis spoke with President Reveley about citizen leadership and the value of a liberal arts education. WHRV is the NPR station in Norfolk.

Audio provided by WHRV. To listen to the full program and other episodes, visit the WHRO media player or the HearSay with Cathy Lewis Blog.


Fall 2013 President's Welcome

President Reveley welcomes Longwood faculty and staff back for the new year. Highlights include current status, initiatives and a glimpse of the future. Recorded 8/16/13.


Farmville's WFLO (95.7 FM) interviews President Reveley

In June 2013, Longwood President W. Taylor Reveley IV was interviewed by Francis Wood on Farmville's WFLO (95.7 FM and 870 AM) as part of their Call Flo morning radio show.  Read more and listen to the interview