Professional Communities
More and more frequently, internship and job opportunities are discovered by connections. Longwood's Professional Communities segment the Longwood family into groups by career role and interest in order to serve as a catalyst for these connections. 
By joining a professional community, students and alumni not only become a part of a network of like-minded individuals, but they also gain exclusive access to professional development opportunities, digital and regional events, and other resources. 

Benefits of Professional Communities

Student Benefits

  • Make the most of your network!
  • Network with Alumni who work in your aspiring career
  • Be invited to exclusive events
  • Shadow an alumni at work
  • Find an internship or job from fellow Lancers
  • Find a mentor


Email us with questions on getting started with one of our communities!

Katie Trammell,

Alumni Benefits

  • Make an impact on current students!
  • Network with other professionals in your field
  • Be invited to exclusive events
  • Host a student shadow at work
  • Promote company jobs and internships to fellow citizen leaders
  • Find a mentee


Email us with questions on getting started with one of our communities!

Katie Trammell,

How do I get Started?

  • Your first step is joining us on Slack. After that, we recommend completing a few simple tasks:

    • Download the Slack mobile app for iPhone or Android to enable notifications, or download it to your computer
    • Add a photo to your profile and introduce yourself in the #introductions tab
    • Join the #help, #opportunities, and #sayanything Channels. These are the Channels that everyone in the community are a part of. Once you’ve joined these Channels, you can pick and choose which other Channels you wish to join!

Joining a Professional Community

After you have downloaded Slack it's time to join one of our communities.

Education Professional Community

Sales, Marketing, and Communications Professional Community

Don't see one that fits you? Let us know here. We are continuing to launch new communities and will send you an update when we have one that matches your needs