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Elementary and Middle

Application Deadline: Students who wish to graduate in a timely manner MUST complete the online application and have met and all requirements by September 1st for the spring partnership semester and February 1st for the fall partnership semester. Partnership Application Process

  • A partnership for middle school is only offered during the fall semester. If you are LSTB (dual licensure in Elementary and Middle), you may do your Partnership in either semester.
  • Students who are LSTB will be required to take Partnership coursework in both elementary and middle school content area methods. These additional courses will be offered in Intercession (EDUC 440, 450) and Summer (EDUC 442, 452).

Please Note: You will not be able to register if you have a hold on your record. Please make sure all and any holds currently on your account are taken care of.

While the Office of Professional Services will process your application, the Program Coordinators will be responsible for securing Partnership locations each semester. You will register for the appropriate courses. Questions concerning registration and placements should be directed to the Coordinators of the Elementary and Middle School Programs.  The Coordinators of the Elementary and Middle School Program are Dr. Maynard and Dr. Miller.

Questions concerning requirements should be directed to the Office of Professional Services.