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Elementary and Middle

Elementary and middle education teacher candidates participate each week in a semester of Partnership Program course (requiring EDUC 440, 441, 450, 451 for licensure in either or both elementary and middle school licensure).  The program consists of four days of on-site methodological preparation in reading/language arts, mathematics, science and social science; one-half of each of the four days is spent in the classrooms working with the children.  Teacher candidates return each Friday to the campus for courses that focus upon exceptional learners and classroom management.

You will need to complete the online partnership application (pdf) by September 1 for the spring partnership semester and by February 1 for the fall partnership semester.

Partnership Location Choices:

  • Fall:  Appomattox, Buckingham Middle, Charlotte, Cumberland, Nottoway, Prince Edward
  • Spring:  Amelia, Buckingham, Lunenburg