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Spring 2013 Clinical Experience

Syllabi and Information

Chandler Syllabus (pdf)

Church, Collins, Reeve Syllabus

Colvin, Kanary, Thomson, Wilhelm KINS 482, KINS 483

Cosby Syllabus, PowerPoint (pdf)

Dodson Syllabus, Schedule, Observation (pdf)

Foddrell Syllabus (pdf)

Geraghty Syllabus (pdf)

Galloway Syllabus (pdf) 

Goetz Syllabus (pdf)

Greene Syllabus (pdf)

Harrison  EDUC 401, EDUC 406, EDUC 410, Field and Clincal Experience Course Plan (pdfs)

Montgomery Syllabus (pdf)

Moore EDUC 401, EDUC 410, HIST 482, Letter to Cooperating Teacher, Observation Rubric (pdfs)


Nolley Syllabus (pdf)

Pascarella Syllabus, Expectations, Observation (pdf)

Powers Syllabus (pdf)

Pugh, Cynthia Syllabus (pdf)

Pugh, Lloyd Syllabus (pdf)

Reid Syllabus(pdf)

Romyak Syllabus(pdf)

Rose, Etta Syllabus, Course Plan

Rose, Henry Syllabus, Course Plan (pdf)

Scarrow Syllabus

Simmons Syllabus, Information (pdfs)

Smith, Southall ENGL 482 (pdf)

Sykes Syllabus

Vick Syllabus