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  • What courses do I take during Partnership?  What should I expect?

            OPS recommends that liberal studies teacher candidates discuss the Partnership semester with the program area faculty members.

  • I missed a deadline.  What should I do?

            You should schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director of OPS to determine a    new plan of action if the deadline had to do with Teacher Prep or placements.  OPS cannot make exceptions to deadlines since school divisions count on us to be prompt and accurate with our requests for placements.  You will need to work with your advisor to revise your course plan if applicable.  Remember, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for OPS.  Plan ahead.  Ask OPS questions—even if you think you know the answers.  Check with OPS to confirm all requirements are met before it is too late for you to take corrective action if needed.

Where do I find the application for Partnership?    

            All applications for placement are located in MyLongwood under the OPS portion of the Banner Self-Services folder in the MyLongwood Services channel.

  • Can I complete a placement in a school where a relative attends or is employed?   

           Not if they are in your immediate family.  Teacher candidates must notify OPS if they are assigned to a school where a family member attends or is employed.  The placement may be cancelled or you may be assigned an "Incomplete."  Failure to report this conflict is also a violation of the Longwood University Honor Code and may result in additional disciplinary action. Teacher candidates list schools they attended or have immediate family members currently attending or working on the comments portion of the placement application in MyLongwood.