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Fall 2014 Clinical Experience

Congratulations Fall 2014 Teacher Candidates!

Wrap-Up Day helps explain the licensure paperwork, the process itself, the timeline, and provides suggestions on how to handle the most common concerns raised after graduation and before receipt of the official licensure document from Virginia’s Department of Education.  Former student teachers highly recommend the workshop, which takes less than an hour to complete.  Most report they had no difficulties with completing the workshop online and any lingering questions were answered in a timely manner by OPS.  Still others preferred the face-to-face time with OPS and enjoyed hearing from their peers about student teaching experiences before the workshop began in earnest.  Nothing can happen until after degree conferral/graduation and an official transcript is generated by the Registrar’s Office; however, doing the licensure paperwork following OPS advice in this workshop ensures timely action when it is possible. 

 There are two options for completion of the Wrap-Up Day Workshop:

    • The link to the online workshop will be emailed tomorrow (technology difficulties have deleted one recording off my laptop and the Power Point slides were not visible in the second recording attempt in a Hull classroom).  The online workshop can be accessed at your convenience any time thereafter. 
    • Make sure you have the materials mentioned below before you begin the workshop. 
    • Our hope is the online workshop will save you the time and expense of a return trip to campus, although we are always happy to see Longwood teacher candidates (and graduates)! 


    • If you prefer, you can join me in the Orr Auditorium (Hull 132) on Monday, December 15, 2014 for the live version of the workshop.
    • We will begin at 11:00 am and conclude by noon.   
    • Parking will be in the visitor lots along Wynne Drive (same as Seminar Day parking).
    • Make sure you have the materials mentioned below before you come to campus.

Gather your materials before the workshop session of your choosing:

  • Black ink pen
  • Application for a Virginia License (download/print from the VDOE website)
    • Pages seven and eight are all you need if you already submitted the CVF (page nine) to OPS
    • Page ten is only needed if you have a year or more of full-time, contractual teaching experience
  • Licensure Assessments
    • Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (all candidates)
    • Praxis II (if applicable for your program area)
    • Reading for Virginia Educators (elementary and special education candidates)
  • Licensure Documents
  • College Verification Form (CVF) and Self-Addressed, Stamped No. 10 Business Envelope (SASE) to OPS
    • OPS has your CVF and SASE unlessyou have received an email from Mrs. Kovach to the contrary
    • If you received an email from Mrs. Kovach, you need to submit the paperwork immediately

Make sure you save any items from the Canvas course that you do not already have for your personal records.  This needs to be done before student teaching ends as you lose access upon degree conferral.  Even OPS will not be able to access your previous submissions after graduation.

 Please remember to complete the following online reports/surveys using the links provided if you have not already done so: