Field & Clinical Experience

Field Experiences like practicum or courses that have practicum hours embedded are an important part of getting your feet under you as you journey through teacher preparation to licensure.  

  • Practicum One Week (EDUC 270 or MUSC 345 or MUSC 346)
  • Practicum Embedded in courses (EDUC 261, EDUC 361, EDUC 461, EDUC 473, EDUC 573, HLTH 465, KINS 374, KINS 377, KINS 378, MAED 252, MAED 352, MUSC 441, SCED 252, SLIB 570)
  • Practicum Three Week (EDUC 370 or SPED 327)

Clinical Experiences

The undergraduate teacher candidates undertake student teaching in the last semester of their senior year. The graduate student seeking initial licensure completes a professional semester at the time designated by the program area (usually the final semester of the graduate program).