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Students can decide to fulfill an internship by working within the department on a research project with a faculty member. Students can also decide to fulfill an internship by choosing an organization or business (either on-campus or off-campus) that would enhance the students' current experiences or future goals.

Students can also sign up for internships that combine a paid (salaried) position with internship credits. In other words, you do not have to perform an internship for which you do not also receive a paycheck from the employer. However, the psychology department does not currently offer our own paid internships.

Click here for recent internship sites that would welcome future interns and further steps for setting up an internship.

View/download the required Internship Manual (pdf) for more information.

Due to changing legislation about authorization to place students in supervised field experiences in other states, Longwood students may not seek or complete credit-bearing internships, clinical experiences, practica or student teaching in three states, including California, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Some of these states have pending legislation to participate in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), which will remove the restriction on placements because Longwood is a member of SARA. Until that time, Longwood is not authorized to give credit for supervised field experiences in these "off-limit" states. This is a complex and ever-evolving issue. For more information, please see http://www.longwood.edu/sacs/63983.htm.

Hannah Burns Internship Poster

Hannah Burns presents her internship poster at the CCCAS showcase


Visit with one of the faculty below to learn more about these internship opportunities.

  • General Experimental - Eric Laws, Ph.D.
  • Clinical/Counseling - Jennifer Apperson, Ph.D., Danette Gibbs, Ph.D.
  • Developmental Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology - Chris Bjornsen, Ph.D.
  • Developmental Psychology, Cognitive, General Experimental - Stephanie Buchert, Ph.D.
  • Industrial/Organizational - Dave Carkenord, Ph.D.
  • Social Psychology, General Experimental - Sarai Blincoe, Ph.D. 
  • Biopsychology, Neuroscience - Catherine Franssen, Ph.D.

Kara Sidoti Internship Poster

Sydney Gaver presents her internship poster at the CCCAS showcase