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Arc Hall

Arc Residence Hall Arc Residence Hall

Arc is one of two all-female communities.  Arc (named for Joan of Arc) was built in 1992 and houses 165 women in a suite-style, air conditioned environment.  Arc features three floors for upper division students and two floors for new freshmen. In 2014 some of the larger rooms in Arc were converted into triple rooms in order to accommodate the rising number of incoming students.

Single Room  |  Double Room  |  Triple Room

Area Coordinator Moe Bates
Front Desk 434.395.2236
Total Occupancy 199
Room Occupancy 2 & 3
Lounges 2 per floor
Air Conditioning Yes
Elevator(s) Yes
Bathrooms Suite Style
Other All Female

ARC Single Room

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ARC Double Suite

The double suite is the most common configuration in ARC.

Arc Double Room ARC Double Suite Floor Plan


ARC Triple Suite

ArcLargeRoom ARC Triple Suite Floor Plan