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Wheeler Hall

Wheeler Hall Wheeler Hall

Wheeler is home to Longwood University’s Honors Program. It was recently renovated in 2007 and is a co-ed building that houses both first year students and upperclassmen. The rooms are suite style in architecture with two rooms sharing one bathroom.

There are study lounges on all floors except for first with floors one and three having a large center lounge equipped with a full kitchen. It is equipped with laundry and snack machines. There is a common trash room on each hallway. 

Wheeler is staffed by three Resident Assistants and supervised by one Residence Education Coordinator, who also oversees Cox residence hall.


Floor Plan

Wheeler Floor Plan
REC  Monique Bates
Front Desk 434.395.2519
Total Occupancy 181
Room Occupancy 2
Lounges every other floor
Air Conditioning Yes
Elevator(s) Yes
Bathrooms Suite Style
Other Honors on 3rd and 4th floors

Wheeler Double Suite

Wheeler Floor Plan Wheeler Hall Double Suite Floor Plan