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Housing Selection

Where can I live on campus as a student?

Housing options for first year residents vary floor to floor within our Residence Halls. Below is a table outlining where First year and Upper-class students can live. These arrangements may also vary year to year.

Residence Floor Gender Class
ARC Basement, First, Fourth Female Upperclassmen
ARC Second, Third Female Freshmen
Cox First, Second, Fourth Co-ed Upperclassmen
Cox Third Co-ed Freshman
Main Cunningham First Co-ed Freshman
Main Cunningham Second, Third
North Cunningham
First - Third
South Cunningham Basement, First, Second
Co-ed Upperclassmen
South Cunningham Third
Co-ed Freshmen
Second, Fifth, Tenth
Co-ed Upperclassmen
Curry Third, Fourth, Sixth-Ninth Co-ed Freshmen
Frazer Second - Fourth Co-ed Upperclassmen
Frazer Fifth - Tenth Co-ed Freshmen
Stubbs First - Fourth Female Upperclassmen
First, Second, & Fourth
Co-ed Upperclassmen
Co-ed Freshmen/Honors
Lancer Park
Co-ed Upperclassmen
Longwood Landings
Co-ed Upperclassmen
Longwood Village
Co-ed Upperclassmen

Where do Summer School students live?

All non-commuting summer school students will be assigned a room in Cox Hall.


Who can live in LU Managed Apartments?

  • Longwood Landings
    • The Longwood Landings 4BR apartments are open to rising Seniors, rising Juniors and a limited number of rising Sophomores. (Sophomores may only pulled in by Juniors or Seniors)
    • The twenty-four Studio Single apartments are limited to rising Seniors and Juniors only. (Minimum of 56 credits)
  • Longwood Village
    • The Longwood Village 3BR apartments are open to rising Seniors and rising Juniors.  (Minimum of 56 credits)
  • Lancer Park
    • The Lancer Park 2BR Apartments are open to rising Seniors and Juniors only (Minimum of 56 credits)
    • The Lancer Park 4BR Townhomes are open to rising Seniors, rising Juniors and a limited number of Rising Sophomores who are pulled in. 

Note:Longwood Landings, Longwood Village and Lancer Park Residents must be willing to purchase at least the 5 Standard Meal Plan.


How do I sign up for an apartment?

Apartment sign-ups begin in February, and apply to the next fall semester. Each current apartment resident gets the opportunity to squat (or stay within their current assignment) on the first few days of sign-ups. The next few days are set aside for rising Seniors and Juniors.

Students who wish to move back to Longwood Managed properties after having been released to live off campus or who enrolled as a commuter student must wait until after all of our current residential students are housed before being considered to be housed within our facilities. Housing is not guaranteed for these commuter students. 

Housing Sign Up Dates


Special Accommodations (ADA)

Please learn more about Disability related housing in the Specialized Housing section, or visit the Disability Resources website.


First-Year Application Process

The instructions for the New Student Application will be made available for Summer Orientation.


Continuing Application Process

Click here to view assingment dates and times.

Housing Sign-Up Dates


How much do Room & Meal Plans Cost?

Please view the Housing Rates Chart (doc)


Can I Change my Room?

A room assignment "freeze" is in effect until mid-September for any non-administrative room changes. (If applicable, students living in temporary or transitional assignments will be given priority.) Unauthorized room changes are not permitted. Students found to have made an illegal room change will be assessed a $75.00 fee and will face judicial action.

Residents desiring to make a room change should contact the REC of their assigned building. Failure to complete the room change process properly or to obtain the appropriate approval prior to the moving will result in an improper/illegal room change charge and/or disciplinary action. All non-administrative moves (personal choice moves) will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee.