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First Year Experience

Student Success

Student with Teacher on campus

The foundation for developing responsible students and citizens is grounded in purposeful and intentional work with first year students.

Housed together on freshmen floors, new first year students begin the process of community development on their residence floor and within the larger residence hall community.

Through formal and informal social and educational activities under the direction of the Residence Education Coordinator and Resident Assistant Student Staff, new students quickly become an integral part of the educational community.

To learn more visit the First Year Experience site.

Note: In some rare cases first year students can be placed in with upper class students. 



First year students are expected to engage fully in the academic experience at Longwood and to devote themselves to academic activities essential to learning.  Students are encouraged to make social connections and participate in weekend activities designed to develop friendships and relationships.


Car Policy

First year students may not have a car during the first year on campus. This policy is based primarily in the interest of student learning, involvement in studying and priorities for academic success. Exceptions to the no-car policy are made in cases of emergency or necessity for short periods of time. Requests must be submitted in writing to Parking Services (434-395-2612).  Requests must be documented.