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Break Information

Break Information and Register to Stay

Fall Leaves

By registering to stay, you are agreeing to comply with the following expectations:

  • All residents of University-managed housing, wishing to stay during the recognized break period, must communicate their intentions.  Completing the ON-LINE registration form will provide uninterrupted ID card access (where applicable) and will provide Campus Police with a record of occupancy.
  • I understand that if I plan to stay in my assigned room/apartment during the break period, my name must be included on a "registered to stay" report that RCL provides to Campus Police.  I will assist in helping to communicate this requirement to other residents living within my room/suite/apartment.  Furthermore, while on university property, I agree to carry a photo ID and will present it at the request of any Longwood University official.
  • I understand that this break registration arrangement with Residential & Commuter Life and Longwood University is intended for my personal accommodation.  Furthermore, I am responsible for my actions and campus property in my dwelling during this break period. I understand that the Honor Code and all other campus policies remain in effect and that any violations will result in student conduct and/or law enforcement action.
  • I understand that all residence halls will remain LOCKED (24/7) during the break and that my Longwood ID card will still operate the card reader(s) to my assigned building.
  • I understand that Chick-fil-A will remain open, with adjusted hours, during Fall Break. Chick-fil-A accepts bonus dollars, Lancer cash, cash and credit.  I am also aware of the following schedule, as published by Longwood Dining Services:

Thursday, October 8: Outta Here closes at 2:00pm; P.O.D. Market closes at Midnight.

Friday, October 9: Dorrill Dining Hall, Lancer Café, and Java City close at 2:00pm; Moe’s closes at 8:00pm. (Outta Here & P.O.D. Market Closed)

Friday, October 9 – Monday, October 12: Chick-fil-A open 7:30am – 9:00pm on 10/9; open 7:30am – 8:00pm on 10/10 and 10/12.  Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. (All other Longwood Dining locations closed.)

Tuesday, October 13: Chick-fil-A opens at 7:30am. Dorrill Dining Hall, Lancer Café, Moe’s and P.O.D. Market open at 5:00pm.  (Java City closed until 10/14.)

Regular hours of operation resume on Wednesday, October 14.  Hours of operation are subject to change. Visit www.Longwood.CampusDish.com for up-to-date hours and information.

  • I understand that residence hall rooms and apartments are subject to entry during the break; limited work orders and/or facility safety inspections could occur.
  • I understand that all students should continue practicing personal safety habits during the break. I should always be aware of my campus and community surroundings.
  • I know that I can contact Campus Police at 434.395.2091 or 911 if I have an emergency or if I need general assistance.  If I see something, I will say something – I will call Campus Police immediately to report a suspicious or concerning activity.


**Please note that you must use Internet Explorer or Firefox and "allow popups" in order to register to stay.**

Register to Stay



Please be sure that you complete the relevant checklist before you leave for break! If you have any questions be sure to ask your RA or REC right away.