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Break Information

Winter 2

By registering to stay, I UNDERSTAND and WILL COMPLY with the following expectations:

  • Only continuing apartment residents are ELIGIBLE to "register to stay" during the winter break period.  In the event that the Longwood enrollment status terminates, the student is expected to immediately communicate with the RCL Office as non-enrollment automatically voids any prior accommodation request.  As applicable, the occupant will be expected to depart campus, no later than 12noon on Saturday, December 13or within 24 hours of enrollment change – whichever occurs first.
  • I understand that if I am permitted to stay in my assigned apartment during the break period, my name must be included on a "registered to stay" report that RCL provides to Campus Police.  I will assist in helping to communicate this requirement to other eligibleresidents living within my apartment.  Furthermore, while on university property, I agree to carry a photo ID and will present it at the request of any Longwood University official.
  • I am responsible for my personal actions and campus property during this break period. I understand that the Honor Code and all other campus policies remain in effect and that any violations will result in student conduct action.
  • I understand that this arrangement with Residential & Commuter Life and Longwood University is for my personal accommodations only.  I will NOTallow guests to visit/stay during the break.
  • Where applicable, I understand that all facilities will remain LOCKED (24-hours/day) during the break and that my ID card will still operate primary/centrally located card readers.
  • I understand that the fall meal plan ends on December 12, 2014.  Bonus Dollars are unavailable for use from December 13 – January 4.  Students that have purchased a spring 2015 meal plan may begin using their bonus dollars at Chick-fil-A on January 5, 2015.  Chick-fil-A is open 7:30am – 8pm during the Break.  (Chick-fil-A is closed Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.) 


December 11:       Outta Here and the P.O.D. Market close at 2 pm

December 12:       Java City and Lancer Cafe close at 2 pm; Dorrill Dining Hall closes at 6 pm; Moe's Southwest Grill closes at 8 pm;

January 7:             Dorrill Dining Hall: Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

January 8:             Dorrill Dining Hall: Breakfast 8am-9am; Lunch 11:00 am-1:30pm; Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

January 9:             Dorrill Dining Hall: Breakfast 8am-9am; Lunch 11:00 am-1:30pm; Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

January 10-12:     Dorrill Dining Hall: Brunch 11:00 am-1:30pm; Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

January 11:           P.O.D. Market, Lancer Café and Moe's Southwest Grill open at 5pm.

January 13:           All locations resume normal hours of operation


  • I understand that apartments are subject to entry during the break for routine maintenance tasks, submitted work orders, safety inspections (including those conducted by the Fire Marshal), and GCA Housekeeping Services (when cleaning vacant bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.).  
  • I understand that the FAB (both Campus & Express Lines) will end service at 5pm on Friday, December 12.  (The Campus Line service will resume at 12noon and the Express Line will resume service at 2:30pm on Saturday, January 10.)
  • I understand that all students should continue practicing personal safety habits during the break.  If I see something, I will say something – thereby calling Campus Police right away to report a suspicious or concerning activity. I know that I can contact Campus Police at 434.395.2091 or 911 if I have an emergency or if I need general assistance.  
  • If I leave campus during the break, I will complete the following expectations:

Apartment Resident Checklist

It is the resident(s) responsibility to complete this checklist and any damages that may occur over break due to negligence to fulfill these expectations will be charged to the occupants of the apartment.

ð         Dispose of all trash and perishables
ð         Remove all perishable items from fridge
ð         Close and lock ALL windows and doors
ð         Adjust thermostat to 65 degrees (heating)
ð         Lower blinds and twist slightly open
ð         Leave porch light on (LP residents)
ð         Shut down and unplug all electronics




Please be sure that you complete the relevant checklist before you leave for break! If you have any questions be sure to ask your RA or REC right away.