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Break Checklist

Complete the following checklist before leaving campus:

Main Campus Resident Checklist

ð        Clean/prepare room and bathroom (especially if a vacancy is expected). 
ð        Remove all trash and perishable food from your room
ð        Defrost and clean out fridge (recommended to be done 24 hours before you leave)
ð        Shut down and unplug all electronics (including fridge)
ð        Take valuables and often forgotten items (medication, eyeglasses, checkbook, etc.)
ð        Close and lock all windows-leave window shades up 
          ***(1st floor residents leave shades down)***
ð        Set room thermostat/fan to a low/medium setting
ð        Turn off all lights and lock all doors   


Apartment Resident Checklist

It is the resident(s) responsibility to complete this checklist and any damages that may occur over break due to negligence to fulfill these expectations will be charged to the occupants of the apartment.

ð        Dispose of all trash and perishables
ð        Remove all perishable items from fridge
ð        Mini refrigerators need to have all items removed and need to be defrosted
ð        Close and lock ALL windows and doors
ð        Adjust thermostat heat to 65 degrees
ð        Remove objects from on top of/around heaters, radiators, vents, etc.
ð        Lower blinds and twist slightly open
ð        Leave porch light on (LP residents)
ð        Unplug everything except major appliances
ð        Shut down and unplug all electronics