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Space Planning


Space Planning and Management Committee

The Space Planning and Management Committee oversees the planning and development of space at Longwood University. The committee is responsible for decisions regarding space allocation and configuration and accordingly reviews all requests.

Space Planning Committee meetings are held monthly to discuss Longwood's space needs and to address space requests made by faculty and staff members.

Voting committee members

  • Troy Austin, Director of Athletics
  • Ken Copeland,Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Courtney Hodges, Interim Vice President for Commonwealth Relations
  • Victoria Kindon,Vice President for Strategic Operation
  • Joan Neff,Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Tim Pierson,Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Taylor Reveley, President of Longwood University

Non-voting committee members

  • Lori Blackwood, Space and Real Estate Manager
  • Tom Frisbie-Fulton, University Architect
  • Jerry Jerome, Facilities Planner
  • David Pletcher, Director of Capital Planning and Construction
  • Louise Waller, Director of Campus Planning and Construction and the Real Estate Foundation


Space allocation and configuration on Longwood University's campus are managed by the University Space Planning and Management Committee.


  1.  Applicant fills out the RPM2a form and then circulates the form to obtain the proper signatures. Once fully executed, it is sent to the Space Planning Manager for the Space Planning Committee to review/approve/deny.
  2. If the RPM2a form is approved by the Space Planning Committee, a letter and a copy of the approved request is sent to the applicant and Capital Planning.
  3. Capital Planning will get estimates for the applicant and fill out sections I, II, & III of the RPM2b form, then the RPM2b form will go to the Real Property office.
  4. The Real Property office will send the RPM2b form to the applicant, who will fill out section IV and get authorization signatures.
  5. Once the form is fully executed it will be sent to the Space Planning Manager for the Space Planning Committee to review/ approve/ deny.
  6. If the request is approved the Space Planning Manager will sign the document and forward copies to the applicant and Capital Planning. If the request is denied, a letter will be sent notifying the applicant and Capital Planning.



Request Forms

Room Event Classification Chart (pdf) explain which rooms on campus are resticted, limited, or open to use.