Special thanks to Jeff Halliday, assistant professor of communication studies, for being our Hollywood star. (Watch the Outtakes)

About the Project


The mission of project RedDot is to bring an attractive, user-friendly and consistent design to Longwood’s official web site, while making it easier for content owners to create, manage and edit web content without requiring technical knowledge of web design or HTML.


The primary goals include:

  • Reduce the amount of useless or out-dated web content on Longwood web sites
  • Simplify the way content managers create, update and manage web content without requiring any technical web design knowledge
  • Ensure greater consistency between Longwood web sites for enhanced usability and branding
  • Enhance accessibility by helping to ensure compliance to Section 508 and other web accessibility guidelines


In addition to accomplishing our primary goals, RedDot offers many other benefits including the ability to:

  • Prevent broken links, orphaned pages and other usability issues
  • Reuse web content
  • Publish web content in multiple formats
  • Provide audit trails
  • Set up roles and have multiple authors and approvers
  • Make large-scale changes in less time
  • And many more... (way too many to list here)