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Advising for Undeclared Majors

Who is my advisor?

The easiest way to find out who your advisor is, is to log into Degree Works. Under the Student Header section of the page, you will find your advisor's name. If you have trouble, call your academic department.

Advising Responsibilities


Choosing a Major

  • Read the University Catalogs
    Read the college catalog. Sounds funny right? But studying the course descriptions can help give you ideas about courses that might be of interest to you. Go through all the course descriptions, highlight those that interest you. Take at least one course in the areas that interest you.
  • Talk to Faculty and Upperclassmen in the Majors of Interest
    They probably taught or took the courses that you highlighted. What do they like most about their field? Least? What do you have in common with them? Gather information from several individuals to get a full idea of the field.
  • Talk with Alumni and Other Professionals
    You will be amazed at the range of career fields represented by a single major. Find out what people working in that field thought was helpful for their career preparation. Find out what they would change if they could do it all over again.
  • Talk with an Advisor
    Call 434-395-2580 or stop by Barlow Hall to schedule an time to meet with someone.
  • Other Resources

Undeclared Majors

The Office of the Registrar only provides advising for undeclared students.

Declaring a Major

To officially declare a major, an undeclared student must complete and file a Program Change Form. Students may declare a major any time after admission but must do so by the time they have earned 45 credit hours.

The best time to declare your major is not during the advising/registration time periods (November & March).  Instead, declare your major earlier or later in the semester to allow time for your paperwork to be processed and for you to introduce yourself to your new advisor prior to advising and registration so you aren't meeting for the very first time during a hectic time of year.

How it's done:

  • Print a "Program Change" form 
  • Complete and sign it
  • Take it to your new Department Administrative Assistant**
  • The Administrative Assistant will ask Department Chair** to sign it
  • Department Chair will assign you a new advisor
  • Take the form to the Registrar's Office to be processed 

Athletes will also need to get the signature of the Athletics Academic Support Coordinator before submitting to the Registrar's Office.

** For faculty/staff contact info, please use the online faculty/staff directory