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Archaeology of England

Clubs & Societies

  • Prim Tech - an archaeology club designed to teach primitive technology
  • Lambda Alpha - National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology

Archaeology in England

This course presents an overview of England through the eyes of archaeology and anthropology from 5,000 years before the present to 1500 AD.

The materials employed in this course include library and archival sources, archaeological artifacts, physical anthropological specimens, and examination of field excavation sites. In preparation for the course, students and professors meet to discuss assigned text readings and plan for the overseas component of the course.

During the England component of the course, students begin with orientation to research materials at the British Museum and The Institute of Archaeology, University College London. On-site examination of archaeological and historical materials commences with prehistoric structures at Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, and Stonehenge. The Roman period takes students to the Caburn Iron Age Hill Fort and Glynde and Lewes Castle. Medieval lifestyles and culture are examined along the Thames River in London and Greenwich.

This course has been very popular and is expected to be offered on a regular basis during winter intersessions.

Anthropology in England Group with Big Ben in the background