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Family Studies Concentration

Students who pursue this program take a wide range of classes that are designed to teach them about all facets of the family life cycle - from birth to death - and the variety of issues that families encounter, both ordinary and expected as well as traumatic and unexpected.


General Education Requirements

The General Education curriculum is much more than "required courses."

These courses are required of all of our students because Longwood University firmly believes that the foundation of a classic liberal arts education is critical to the school's mission to "develop citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society." According to our Dean, Dr. Chuck Ross, "a classic liberal arts and sciences education gives students the foundation to fulfill their roles as citizen leaders, and adapt to the changing world in which we live."

More information about the General Education Goals 1-15, and the courses you can take to satisfy these goals can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.


Family Studies Concentration Requirements

  • General Education Core Requirements - 38 credits
  • Additional Degree Requirements - BA degree - 6 credits
  • Additional Degree Requirements – BS degree/6-7 credits
  • Major Requirements/41 credits

 SOCL 101 (3) Principles of Sociology

 SOCL 102 (3) Contemporary Social Problems

 SOCL 222 (3) Socialization: Sociology of Child Development

 SOCL 233 (3) Race, Class, and Gender

 SOCL 241 (3) Sociology of Marriage and the Family

 SOCL 345 (3) Research Methods

 SOCL 346 (3) Basic Statistics

 SOCL 389 (3) Sociological Theory

 SOCL 461 (3) Senior Seminar

 PSYC 373 (3) Adolescent Development

 SOWK 337 (3) Family and Children’s Services

  • Choose three credits from the following:

 SOCL 331 (3) Social Gerontology

 SOWK 305 (3) Social Work with Older Americans

 RECR 304 (3) Leisure and Aging

  • Choose three credits from the following:

 SOCL 306 (3) Stress and Crisis in Families

 SOCL 325 (3) Women and Society

 SOCL 332 (3) Dying and Death

 CRIM 335 (3) Juvenile Delinquency

 SOCL 351 (3) Sociology of Family Violence

  • Internship/Directed Study (choose 3 credits from the following. 1 credit fulfills Gen Ed Goal 14):

 SOCL 490 (3) Directed Independent Study

 SOCL 492 (3) Internship in Sociology

 SOCL 498 (3) Honors Research in Sociology

  • General Electives - BA Degree/35 credits; BS Degree/34-35 credits

Advising Resources

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