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Degree Requirements

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  • Anthropology focuses on the cultural, social, and biological diversity of human groups in the present, historic, and prehistoric past.

    This great diversity is examined through the study of patterns of culture, social behavior, language structure, archaeological artifacts, and evolution. The objective of the anthropology major is to prepare students for careers in business and industry, government, and human service. Additionally, the major is appropriate preparation for graduate study in anthropology or other social sciences.

  • Career Opportunities

    • Field Assistant
    • Classification Worker
    • Assistant to Museum Curator
    • Exhibit Arranger
    • Coroner's Assistant
    • Park Ranger
    • Park Ranger
    • Immigration Inspector
    • Federal Program Specialist
  • General Education

    The General Education curriculum is much more than "required courses."

    These courses are required of all of our students because Longwood University firmly believes that the foundation of a classic liberal arts education is critical to the school's mission to "develop citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society." According to our Dean, Dr. Chuck Ross, "a classic liberal arts and sciences education gives students the foundation to fulfill their roles as citizen leaders, and adapt to the changing world in which we live."

    More information about the General Education Goals 1-15, and the courses you can take to satisfy these goals can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.


General Education Core Requirements - 38 credits

Additional Degree Requirements – BA Degree - 6 credits

Additional Degree Requirements - BS Degree - 6-7 credits

Major Requirements - 41 credits
   ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology (3)
   ANTH 202 Archaeology (3)
   ANTH 203 Physical Anthropology (3)
   ANTH 204 Language and Culture (3)
   ANTH 410 Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology (3)
   ANTH 460 Anthropological Theory (3)
   ANTH 461 Senior Seminar in Anthropology (3)

   Choose 6 credits from the following:
   ANTH 314 Indians of North America (3)
   ANTH 315 South American Indians (3)
   ANTH 316 People of Africa (3)
   ANTH 317 Peoples of the Pacific (3)
   ANTH 318 Moundbuilder Cultures of the Eastern U.S. (3)

   Choose 6 credits from the following:
   ANTH 320 Folklore (3)
   ANTH 321 Supernatural Belief Systems (3)
   ANTH 325 Gender and Society (3)
   ANTH 355 The Community (3)
   ANTH 403 Forensic Anthropology (3)

   Anthropology Electives/6 credits

   Internship/Directed Study (choose 3 credits from the following; 1 credit fulfills Gen Ed Goal 14)
   ANTH 296 Field Methods in Archaeology (6)
      (3 credits of ANTH 296 may count as ANTH 202)
   ANTH 490 Directed Independent Study (3)
   ANTH 492 Internship in Anthropology (3)
   ANTH 498 Honors Research in Anthropology (3)

General Electives, BA Degree/35 credits; BS Degree/34-35 credits


Advising Resources

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