Come unearth the evidence of the origins and patterns of human life with the guidance of Longwood's experienced faculty. You’ll explore the evolution of people and examine the past and present in the villages of New Guinea, on the English countryside, under the forest canopies of Nigeria and our own United States.

Career Path

Here's what you can become with a Longwood degree in Anthropology

  • Field Assistant
  • Classification Worker
  • Assistant to Museum Curator
  • Exhibit Arranger
  • Coroner's Assistant
  • Park Ranger
  • Immigration Inspector
  • Federal Program Specialist


What You'll Study


Anthropology focuses on the cultural, social and biological diversity of human groups in the present, historic and prehistoric past.

You’ll examine this great diversity through the study of patterns of culture, social behavior, language structure, archaeological artifacts and evolution.

Minor in Anthropology


Come dig around and uncover the past with a minor in Anthropology. You'll explore the development of humanity and explore cultures around the world with our distinguished faculty and a hands-on learning environment. This is an 18 credit minor that requires Introduction to Anthropology. 


Examine the diversity of anthropology through a wide range of subjects — courses include Peoples of the Pacific, Supernatural Belief Systems and Forensic Anthropology.

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