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Graduate Program in Sociology

The Graduate Sociology program is currently under review and is not accepting applications at this time.


Traditional 2-Year Program Requirements

Visit the Graduate & Professional Studies website for more information and admissions


The goal of graduate sociology is to develop in our students qualities of the citizen-leader by providing graduate level education that emphasizes the applied use of sociological theories and methods.

Students have the opportunity to learn how to apply sociology through practica, real life experience in their professional fields.  With a program designed to serve students who are already in a service profession related to sociology and those seeking positions in these fields, we offer the kind of education that will encourage professional growth and enhance leadership ability.  The student interested in the many fields of criminal justice will benefit from our program's well-developed ties to various criminal justice and related institutions throughout the region.

The program is unique in four ways. 

  • It is oriented to the application of sociological theories and methods to social life.  This includes issues related to crime, juvenile delinquency, poverty, family violence, service delivery, and human resources.
  • The program utilizes off-campus courses, innovative time formats, and web-based and web-enhanced offerings.  These arrangements make the program especially attractive for in-service professionals.
  • Because it is grounded in the liberal arts discipline of sociology, it is an appropriate degree program for students in a variety of vocations.
  • The program is well-integrated into local and regional criminal justice and social service agencies and is supported by an advisory panel of distinguished professionals.

Graduate sociology at Longwood is offered on-campus. Currently, our courses are offered on-campus in the evenings and on weekends.