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The QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) will be a forward-looking document describing changes the university will implement to improve student learning outcomes in a particular area.  The topic will be chosen after seeking ideas from across university constituencies and reviewing institutional assessment. 

The plan will be based on research in several ways:

  • there should be assessment showing the student learning outcomes addressed are a "key issue" for our institution;
  • the plans for improvement will be based on published research on student learning;
  • the plan will describe how the effectiveness of proposed changes will be assessed.   

Anticipated timeline:

Fall 2011 (QEP Topic Selection Committee)

  • Solicit suggestions in broad areas from all constituencies and review university assessment

Spring 2012

  • Review and focus suggestions
  • Research and narrow possible themes
  • Present and seek feedback on a limited number of possible themes
  • Propose themes to SACSCOC Leadership Team

Fall 2012 (QEP Development Committee)

  • Develop framework for the QEP and define student learning outcomes
  • Determine key initiatives and research sound practices
  • Identify actions to be implemented
  • Establish timeline for 2013-14

Spring 2013

  • Draft document outlining plan and seek approval for any curricular changes, etc.
  • Pilot project?
  • Finalize the QEP document
  • Pilot project?

Spring 2014

  • Submit the QEP for review six weeks prior to scheduled on-site visit
  • Undergo on-site review (the QEP is the main topic of interest for the on-site review team)