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Accreditation and Compliance

Responsibilities of the Office of Accreditation and Compliance

  • Collaborate with programs and units to identify, develop, and document appropriate data and information that provide evidence of compliance with accreditation and program review standards
  • Facilitate and monitor compliance with the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation by providing consultation, technical assistance, and resources to the university community
  • Report substantive changes to SACSOC
  • Report organizational and undergraduate program changes to SCHEV

 Contact the Office of Accreditation and Compliance about the following:

  • Interpretation of SACSCOC policies and standards, including faculty credentials
  • Collaborative or contractual academic agreements
  • New degree programs or certificates
  • New off-site instructional locations
  • Closure of an academic program or off-site location
  • Course syllabus repository
  • Support for program accreditation self-studies
  • Support for SACSCOC prospectus development
  • Support for SCHEV program proposals

Please complete the Academic Initiative Planning Checklist in the early stages of any proposed initiative related to academic programs, agreements, or off-site locations. This helps ensure compliance with SACSCOC and SCHEV reporting requirements without unnecessary delays.