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General Regulations

General Regulations on the Use of Longwood University Facilities

  • Smoking in Longwood University facilities is prohibited. Effective June 2008, Longwood University will become a smoke and tobacco free campus.
  • All events held on Longwood University property must comply with federal, state, and local laws.
  • Academic classes are the first and foremost priority for academic space assignment at Longwood University. The Registrar's Office formulates the schedule for all recognized Longwood University courses and labs during the academic sessions. Classrooms will not be scheduled for non-instructional purposes prior to the formulation of classes for each semester or term, except for Signature, Presidential, and Annual Events. The Registrar's Office reserves the right to make changes to academic space assignments at any time. Events approved through the Office of Conference and Event Services may be moved to accommodate changes in the class schedule. Non-academic space is scheduled through the Office of Conference and Event Services. Requests must be submitted appropriately through the web-based form and are scheduled based on room appropriateness and on a first come, first served basis. Conference and Event Services has the final authority on scheduling all non-academic requests and has the right to deny requests dependent upon circumstances.
  • No program may be held on Longwood University property without express authorization from Longwood University.
  • Facilities REQUESTERs may not advertise an event or contract for food or other services prior to confirmation from CONFERENCE AND EVENT SERVICES that the requested space is available and the event has been approved.
  •  Facilities REQUESTERs shall:
    • adhere to all scheduling guidelines;
    • follow all guidelines regarding the use of the facilities and the posting of publicity related to an event; ensure compliance with all University policies and guidelines, federal, state and local law during the conduct of an event; and 
  • In addition to the requirements in paragraph 6, each external or sponsored REQUESTER shall also:
    • enter into a contract with Longwood University for the use of the facilities;
    • provide proof of Public Liability Insurance with limits of not less than $250,000 per person, $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $50,000 property damage, if Longwood University requires it or in special circumstances. 
  • The Office of Conferences & Event Services may move an event to a different location without notice. Longwood University is not responsible for any costs incurred by a REQUESTER resulting from a change in location.
  • During an event scheduled outside the regular operating hours of a facility, only those directly involved or attending the event may remain in the facility.
  • Events using outdoor sound amplification may be held only during pre-approved times not interfering with regular University functions. 
  • Non-academic, commercially oriented use of Longwood University facilities for the exclusive benefit of private, profit-making individuals, groups or organizations requires specific advance approval from the Director of Conference and Event Services or the Scheduling Manager in the event of the Director's absence.
  • Virginia State Agencies are not required to place a deposit for facility reservations, but must initiate payment immediately following receipt of billing for the event.
  • REQUESTER shall submit an application for operating a concession (fundraisers, sales & vendors) to the Student Union at least fifteen (15) business days before an event. Applications must be approved by the Director of the Student Union & Involvement in accordance with the On-Campus Solicitation Policy before a REQUESTER may advertise an event, product, or service.
  • The dispensing of alcohol must be in accordance with Longwood University's Alcohol Beverage Policy, which is available from the Office of Conferences & Event Services, ARAMARK or the Student Union.
  • Campus-based or student organization REQUESTERs wishing to cancel a reservation and / or resources must notify Scheduling by replying through email, referencing their event confirmation number, at least five business days before the scheduled event. Failure to do so will result in the assessment of ancillary charges and possible probation of future events.
  • To request periodic use of Longwood University facilities, requests for space must be submitted to the Office of Conference and Event Services no less than fifteen (15) business days prior to the first occurrence of the event start date. Late fees and surcharges may be charged to any group not meeting this requirement. Under extraordinary circumstances, exceptions may be granted to this timeline.
  • Any movies scheduled through the Office of Conference and Event Services for public spaces must have proof of copyright permission before the movie can be shown.
  • No food may be taken into an ACADEMIC space. Other facilities may have controlled catering (by ARAMARK catering only) in lobby areas but food and beverage items may not be brought into the academic space. ARAMARK is responsible, along with REQUESTER, to ensure that catered food items are not brought into the academic space. Food waivers will not be approved for food in any academic space
  • Any room whose set-up is changed by a group will be charged extra fees for moving the furniture around and not returning it to its original set up.
  • LCVA artwork and Longwood University displays will not be touched or moved for any reason under any circumstances. If artwork/display placement is in direct conflict or jeopardy either by position or by content, consideration will be made to move the event by the Office of Conferences and Event Services. Violation of this policy results in significant fines assessed by the Director of the LCVA and/or the Office of Conferences and Event Services. Student Organizations violating this policy may be subject to fines, probations and registration holds.
  • DECORATIONS: No tape may be affixed to any wall or building surface. Nothing may be hung from a ceiling or a wall. No glitter or open flames may be used on the Longwood University campus. No permanent alterations may be made to any wall, ceiling or building surface.