Goals & Objectives

Longwood Seminar Goals

Help develop citizen leaders for the common good by promoting critical thinking and analysis in students' lives and developing the knowledge and skills that lead to college success.

Establish a network to foster a positive transition to college.

  • Develop academic knowledge and skills to promote college success. Critical thinking, analysis, problem solving
  • Writing skills
  • Reading textbooks for clarity and understanding
  • Test taking strategies
  • Note taking strategies & classroom listening
  • Relating to instructors
  • Library and electronic information sources
  • Using the University catalog
    • Mission & Vision of the University
    • Academic Requirements
    • General Education
    • Major Requirements
  • Computer skills, applications, issues, computer addiction
  • Campus resources (academic & social support)

Establish goals for personal and academic success.

  • Developing personal goals based on priorities and values
  • Time management
  • Grade Point Average calculation

Explore academic majors and discipline related career options.

  • Academic major exploration
  • Career exploration and development
  • The ideal job candidate
  • Professional & academic organizations
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Campus involvement

Develop strategies to promote personal and social success.

  • Honor Code
  • Campus resources (academic & social support)
  • Learning styles/Myers-Briggs
  • Appreciating different perspectives
  • Stress management
  • Money management
  • Citizen leadership
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Impact of mental and physical health on social and academic performance